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I need more high music!

Discussion in 'Music genres, Bands and Artists' started by alicedee07, Aug 20, 2007.

  1. Post your favorite high music. I'm looking for music to get blitzed and space out too, mellow, mysterious, soothing, psychedelic and kinda trippy pink floyd type music. Any music or suggestions greatly appreciated!

    one amazing band from Toronto.....Mare...

    Listen to the song Palaces.....aswell as other ppl, plz these guys are amazing..

    another recording by mare from self titled cd... shows a heavier side....

    for something Extremely dark, trancy, trippy. though might be frightening....Try SunnO))).

    this is the song mocking solemnity from Sunn's Flight of the Behemoth record.....

    THIS BAND. is called Boards of Canada. they are great ambient experimental music....

    thats all i can contribute for now..... is their ne particular genres you are particular attuned to so i can narrow it down? i do know u like Floyd, but i know countless numbers of floyd fans who enjoy many other greatt experimental avant garde sounds.
  3. I suggest couple songs

    Annie - The Greatest Hit
    Royksopp - A Higher Place
    Felix Da Housecat - What Does It Feel Like

    I lissen thes´e songs , if i start smoking , a youngsterdays youknow . :)
  4. The Velvet Underground- Heroin

    anyways download some techno, ive been listening to a shitload of Infected Mushroom
  6. San Quinn Best Bay area Rap Next to that Mac d r e or some haji springer Go stupid BUddy! j diggs ap.9, j stalin, mistah f.a.b., turf talk,big rich,little bruce,young meek,keak da sneak,bavgate,mac mall,yukmouth,psd,Johny Ca$h,dubee, And of course MAC DRE


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