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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by zeeKe, Jan 20, 2003.

  1. my plant looks kinda limp i dont have enuff money for any expensive lights and its snowing outside so i grow indoors so ive been using a floro light can anyone tell me why it is so limp?

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  2. hard to tell from that pic....if that's something next to it to strengthen it?....i'd suggest next time getting a bigger light....you need more light and a fan to strenghten the stem.....light is the most important factor......you reap what you sow....Peace out....Sid
  3. what kind of light should i get i dont have much money like i said but is there a light that i can use thats not expensive.
    remember im poor lol.

  4. unless you can but fluros to add up to the right amount of lumens ...say 2000-3000 limens, i'd allways suggest getting a HPS, but i don't know how much fluros are where you live!....a good link for lighting is www.insidesun.com ....Peace out...Sid
  5. HIGH All, zeeKe your plant should be transplanted into a bigger container and then maybe she'll (fingers crossed) be fine.
  6. you sohould be within 2 to 3inches from flores. when you started.dont drench or soak soil in first 2weeks.when you need to water mist spray.dont soak until 2 and a 1/2 to 3weeks old .get 40 watt coolwhite flores.bulbs 1 fixture 9.oo dollars tubes lights 2to 3.oo dollars,if your using poting soil under these ligs your only problem if it should occur will be your water ph/ and you can post it ,we can help.....check out for grow.com for cheaper light idears from flores. to 100 watt regular light bulbs mixed with flores.also check out yield-o-ramma
  7. forgot 1 thing if you got flores. lights and poting soil no other food needed.your only problem will be your water ph if its not doing well....peace
  8. yeah.. u defeinatly need more light ... for my grow i have 4x40w fluros 2 cw and 2 agro ... 2 more 15 watt cw .. and 1 more 15 watt agro .. then two more compact flouro's ... and my plants are doing very well .. one is soo bushy it loks like a ball of leaves ...

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