I need more Co2. Please make a suggestion.

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  1. In the winter I use a propane space heater to give me a Co2 boost and it works great. Unfortunately, it's not cold enough yet where I am to use this method.

    Buying C02 tanks where I am is not an option. Also, I am not thrilled about these yeast and sugar or vinegar and baking soda setups I hear about. I want something less messy and simple.

    I heard something about candles. I have also heard all the warnings about why I shouldn't use them. I am using a brick room and I'm not worried about fires.

    Anything anybody can suggest to help me with my minimal Co2 levels would be greatly appreciated no matter what it is. Please tell me what u use (even if I already mentioned it) and something about ur results.
  2. just make daily visit and talk to them for a couple minutes, thats all they ask of you!
  3. Ya man i think the yeast and sugar is your best bet man. My buddy and i are using it right now and it helps soooo much unless it was a coincidence. Anyway just tryin to tell you what i did, check out my new pics for results. happy times
  4. hotbox your growroom. you won't regret it.
  5. Carbonated water in a spray bottle. Spray the plants daily.
  6. And now you have high humidity and nothing to mix your booz with.

    First of all, don't spray your plants with anything. Water it through the roots.

    You will get as much CO2 from spraying carbonated water as you would from saying the word "hello" once.

    I tried singing to my plants, it killed two of them. So now I just read poetry.

    Please, save the mixer for drinks.
  7. I'm trying one of those buckets from CO2boost.com....not affiliated and just got mine last week so 2 early to give any results but keeping my fingers crossed
  8. Ya I was gonna recommend that c02 boost thing I saw in maxyeilds magazine.. Looks like it would work though I use a tank myself.. Why don't you just go in there and excersize a few times a day.. ehehhe
  9. CO2Boost is a total rip-off gimmick. They say it can last up to 60 days before you have to order a $100 replacement bucket. A 20 pound tank of pure CO2 cost $12 to fill and lasts 60 to 90 days (depending on temps). So you can pay $12 or $100 every 60 days.

    Another problem is the amount of CO2 a hour they give off. The release is extremely slow, so everytime your vent kick on, it takes the enriched environment with it. A tank is able to keep up and limit the gaps of non-enrichment. So if you don't have a closed system AC cooled grow box, that home brew kit will be doing a whole lot of nothing. They even tell you this on the web site in other words. They got 1500PPM as long as it was not vented and the encloser was small.

    This is true. A few things to think about:
    • Tanks work CO2Boost does not.
    • How long do you plan on using CO2 enrichment?
    • What is the annual cost?
    • How long would the savings on refills pay for a kick-ass tank system?
    CO2 enrichment might not even be worthwhile or practical for your setup. But if you do want it, you should look close at what your buying.

    Spend your money on other stuff. Buy a better fan or get a nice ballast, but don't let theses people rip you off. Or instead of buying a CO2Boost system, you can send me half the money, I can kick you in the nutz, and we can call it even.

    Peace, R

  10. you don't foliar feed? wow! you're missing out. co2 is only gonna do good for you if you have a sealed room. all these brewing bucket gadgets are trash and a "total" waste of money. to enclose a room and set it all up correctly, can cost hundreds or even more. putting a bucket of goop in an open room is useless. you want cheap co2, open a window or two.

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