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I need medical marijuana, but I can't get it

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by Plantain, Sep 7, 2008.

  1. Hi

    I live in NC, and I have prostatitis. I have constant pain in my testicles, back, hips, groin, abdomen, etc. I've been suicidal for a while as I've had this for a year. I tried pot when in highschool once and didn't get high. I smoked with the only friend of mine who smoked before he moved away, and something strange happened. I didn't really notice the pain. I loved being high but it was amazing not feeling this pain that had been with me for so long. Even the next day it was gone for the most part, I guess my muscles were still relaxed or something. I told him about it and he gave me about half a gram before leaving, and I made a waterfall bong and sure enough, pain was gone for the next 2-3 days.

    Now I have no connections, and I wouldn't know where to start. Isn't there some kind of fucking underground medical marijuana practice? I hate even doing anything illegal, even though I know its stupid to be illegal in the first place.

    I tried asking a dude at my college who I talked to and found out he smoked, but he's all sketchy about it and said nah he can't give out his sources.

    Any clues about what to do?
  2. grow it, its not hard, and youll save a shitload of money
  3. try getting to know him before u ask some one for there sources, or even to buy from..
    try smoking a bowl with him a few times..

    if i didn't know you and you asked for my sources or to buy from me, i would have told you to go fuck your self.

    So try and getting to know some one before you even approach something like that.

    just my point of view. :)
  4. I would suggest doing some research on growing. There are some quality seedbanks that ship stealthily to the US, and with about 200-300$ you can produce enough medicine to keep you happy.
  5. If you're in college, it shouldn't be too hard to find someone who smokes. Like people have said though, you can't just expect people to help you out not knowing anything about you. Might take a little patience. I know that can be difficult when you are in pain. If you're feeling up to it, maybe go to a party or two and meet some folks. College parties are pretty high probability that at least a few people will be toking. Best of luck!
  6. dude fuck the goddamn law. Honestly if i was in actual pain and needed marijuana to treat it i wouldnt give one goddamn second of thought about it. Im realy sorry and our government should be too. once you establish the connection buy enough to hold you over for a whille long enough for you to grow it. there is like a hundred realy great guides on this site on how to. just be realy careful and you wont even have to worry about the law
    let us know how this all goes
  7. Look, I was in my 50s, in a new town. I went back to college and it took me all of 2 weeks to get a good connection! Got invited to a party, cleared a 4 foot bong, and from there on it was easy sailing! I did it, so can you! :) Keep sitting at the "stoner's" table in the lounge or cafeteria. It will happen.

    Or just move to California and bring your medical records! You'd have NO problem getting "legal".

    Granny :wave:
  8. Ask your doctor about marinol. It's a legal prescription drug that contains thc.
  9. arent the cannibinoids and other properties what reduce pain? thats what i always thought. Thc is what gets you "high" all mental i believe. So marinol wont work for him.
  10. Actually, besides getting you high, THC has a wide range of medical uses! Please click the link in my sig and scroll down to "THC"- the list is quite long and I'm getting ready for work, so do it yer self! - Granny :wave:
  11. Trust me ive taken marinol it's exactly the same as weed.
  12. Yeah I've heard about marinol but I figured if I asked for it my doctor would just think I'm a pothead trying to get high or something.

    It'd be great to move to cali but I don't have the funds, and my life is pretty much set here right now with my girlfriend going to college here and money and etc.

    I don't sit at any table at the cafeteria and I don't really have a chance to get to know anybody, I have no breaks with my classes, I go in, and go home. I'm about to go in right now. Peace out.
  13. Oh my mistake, Plantain your only option as far as I can see is to grow your own dope. Sometimes you just gotta be a man about shit unless your hoping for people to feel sorry for you and send you there extra weed :rolleyes: hope everything works out for you and you get your medicine man.
  14. Yeah dude that'd be great but I live at home and my mom wouldn't even think of letting me. She's of the those people that is still with the government and their propaganda.
  15. Unless you have a kid or a job that you need to go to after classes, just hang out at school after classes. You don't have to just sit there looking for a connect. Do your work and just watch and listen as you work. If you have a halfway decent judge of character, you'll be able to pick out who smokes. Then just strike up a conversation.
  16. I'm guessing you're a freshman in college? Once you start to get to know a lot more people, you shouldn't be have any difficulty in finding any MJ.

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