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Discussion in 'General' started by Stoned to Sleep, Apr 17, 2004.

  1. How hard is it to act sober while rolling?

    How drugged does it make you look?

    some things you just cant find on erowid.

  2. "How hard is it to act sober while rolling?"
    I'm assuming you mean driving and if you are then slap your self cause if your doing E you should be in a very safe place with friends that have tried it before.

    The thing about E is it makes you extremely happy, make sure to have pictures of your family, animals, etc. make sure to have ALOT of water and make sure your drinking it on a regular basis, one thing you wotn need is food while on E you wont eat a damn thing that was the intent of E its why it was created

    How drugged does it make you look?

    It makes you look fairly tweaked

    some things you just cant find on erowid

    Thats why grasscity is here

    Some history about E is it was originally developed during WWII it was designed to make soldiers less hungry as food was limited, what they soon found out about E is that it also was a truth pill, anybody who had a fair amount in their system couldn't resist but to tell the truth because nothing matters to you, your in love with EVERYTHING!

    I hope that helped, remember about the pictures and about the safe area to chill and to have friends with you if possible
  3. for "acting sober" i was more refering to being around people who don't approve of my drug use.

  4. can you be more specific on where you plan to pop dem pills?,to people who dont aprove I just would stay clear of them but yeah you can prob get away with it as long as ou dont hang out with em while ur on E
  5. I mean like, could you talk to a cop WHILE rolling and pull it off? How difficult would it be?

  6. You would need to be experianced other wise it would be fairly hard because ud be way to happy, on the other hand it really depends if you can handle your self, if your a stable person then yeah, lemme put it this way , the first time u did weed and got really fried could you calm your self or were you really jumpy ?

  7. hell no, not your first time. your pupils will also be very dilated

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