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I need help

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by veemnixx, Dec 2, 2011.

  1. I know its best to come here and ask from people who know more about smoking better than I do. ( Aka, the smart adults that have been smoking since before I was born in '91. :p)

    Alright, so I started smoking a few times back when I was 15, nothing crazy just once or twice. But since I had turned 18 I smoked for almost three years in a row - almost daily too. I had my life in order, I was paying bills on time doing GREAT in school. Well, not great but you wouldn't have thought I'd do that good considering how often I smoked.

    The point though is that now its getting harsh on me . I don't know why! :( Lately I've been overthinking a lot. Probably because of my unhealthy job of working in pure isolation for about three months FT, then I was fired. I'm not even complaining about it though, I needed a break from everything for awhile for my own state of mind. As stupid as this sounds but my job sort of drove me crazy, working 8 hours five days a week in a cubicle captioning deaf phone calls, you've got nothing but your own drove me crazy.

    So yeah, about a month ago I had my first panic attack while smoking. It freaked me out so bad I had to go to the doctors to get anxiety pills.

    I dont know what to do ! I feel I just need to recover from the awful job I had, and what it did to me. I need to better myself and get back into a better state of mind again before I pick it back up. I feel its because I'm mentally weak right now and as stupid as it sounds its just responsible. I'm just in that "lost" young adult stage right now too, if that helps. Working on figuring myself out is pretty stressful.... wow i smoked you can tell im rambling SOOO bad im sorry.

    Alright well back to the point, is that normal? Has ANYONE ever experienced that before? (the anixety attacks when you smoke, or any other related bad experiences on weed that traumatize you temporarily.)
  2. hmm yeah man paranoia is just kinda a thing that happens sometimes when you're smoking, panic attack whatever its no big deal, never really haappens to me, and probably shouldn't have happened to you if you've been smoking that long. If its something that you feel like you should take a break from untill you are "[mentall stable" or something than do it. It isn't going to hurt you if you keep smoking or whatever, but listen to your body if its tellin you to chill for a bit. If you think you are getting those meds solely because of your smoking then definatley chill fro a while and figure some shit out. a little paranoia is probably not that big of a deal, but its kinda something you gotta figure out yourself man. kick back for a bit, mabey smoke a bowl/blunt/joint whatever if you feel so led, and consider this, you will know your own answer.

    Not to dis seasoned tokers, but some questions you can only answer yourself.
  3. I think u just have anxiety issues I doubt weed gave them to u...but quit and see if it gets better i suppose ?
  4. I can't say I have ever experienced what you describe but I can offer the advice of taking a break. Just avoid what ever is stressing you and avoid any substances for a bit and get your mind right. You can always return to your usual smoking habits in the future.
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    I feel you there man. I have a similar problem as you. Pretty much over the past year smoking has been slowly getting worse and worse and now it's at the point where I know I have to take a long break. Anxiety and depression have set in and it's really making my life difficult. I'm 18 years old and am just finishing my first semester at college. My grades are absolute shit and it's safe to say this has been the absolute worst time of my life. If you're in a good mental state smoking weed is awesome and there's really nothing wrong with it.. but if you are having issues mentally it is simply going to get in the way of your recovery. So my advice is to stop smoking for a long time. I wouldn't really drink either. This shit just fucks with your head and from what you said it seems like that's the last thing you need. Exercise and maybe meditate for a year or so and see how you feel after.

  6. I mean I smoked three years in a row with no problem. It just started to get bad for me recently. & I only got medication because of how afraid I was for my life when I had the panic attack and wanted to prepare myself if it ever happened again. I felt like I was going to die that night...

    But yeah thanks for the advice.

    I just think I'll be smart and smoke as little as possible from now on. Or at least til I'm stable enough to get out of the unhealthy mind frame I'm in, naturally. Believe me, I'm not one who masks my problems in drugs/alcohol . I enjoy it, I don't abuse it . And the last thing I want to do is take freakin anxiety pills because I over think too much when I smoke now.

    I really hope it was my job that's the root of my troubles. I'll be so sad if I gotta stop smoking. Ill understand why, but I'm gonna miss it so much lol

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