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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by keffy6142, Aug 13, 2011.

  1. Okay ive got a nice sized plant in my yard and i want to see wat it turns out to bee.
    But i dont no squat about growing i mean i know how to tell male from female and lil shit
    like dat. I just want to know if i can bring the plant inside somehow and keep it alive and
    then go from there
  2. So long as you're sure you have everything you need, space, lights, etc. you should be fine. Assuming the plant outside is potted.
  3. OH. Also be careful of insects and other pests. If you are bringing them into another garden you have to be careful not to contaminate it.
  4. Ohhh well its not in a pott its just in like a small garden area with flowers and shit
  5. Hm. Well I can't help ya there. There might be a technique to uproot it but I've no clue. It might be worth cutting clones from it, leaving it, and starting more indoors. :D

    About how big is the plant?
  6. its a foot and a half and its a female
  7. So it's flowering already? I'd say leave it if it's possible. If moving it is the only option I can't help ya on this one. Sorry!

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