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  1. hi i am new to this site and i need help from SMART people. My cat knocked over my 2 week old babies and broke the steam so it will not stand up on their own.I transplanted them to a new pot changed the soil and made a mound so it would be strait up.my question is will it live:smoke:????
  2. yes it should live , next time just use some tape and tape the stem where it broke.
    hopefully the plant will be good because 2 weeks old to get shocked is not a good thing, goodluck
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    yea, either tape it next time, or use a tooth pick to hold them up for now (a makeshift stake).
  4. Duct Tape, and a bamboo skewer..easy fix.
  5. I'm not smart, and this is not mine, but is one of the coolest tricks I've read on GC. Pretty sure this was Freakbro's, but he suggested taking a drinking straw and making a single slit in it lengthwise. The length of straw can then be opened and placed around the damaged stem.


    If it's somewhere up high on the stem, you can just leave it alone and it will heal just fine. They really are resilient.

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