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    ok so i have a couple plants growing in a grow box, they both are about 7 inches tall above soil i reciently switches to a 12/12 light schedual , about a week after i switched the lighting the leaves started to yellow and started getting small brown spots on them , i trimmed the spots off on the ends of the lower leaves and they started to grow a bit better. but now they are starting to yellow and get brown spots again. can someone help?

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  2. why a 12/12? you need to be on at least a 18/6. You can acutally leave lights on 24/7... They arent gettin enough light not enough photosynthesis goin on is my guess....
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    i'm trying for a fast grow cycle to have several harvest a year
  4. What kind of nutrients are you using?
    How much?
    What is the temp during "night" and "day"?
    How much light is getting to them?
    Is the spectrum of light you are using sufficient?
    Has the plant shown it's sex yet?
    How long did you grow in veg?
    What is your pH?
    Do you pH your water and nutes before watering?
  5. Give it one good water like 3-4 good cupfuls 6-8 ounce cup. What I see is that at some point you didn't water heavy enough. I am noticing the first 3 inches-green, which tells me you gave it a good watering when it was prolly 3 inches tall. Then for a period of 2 weeks you should have gave it a very dilute fertilization half of 1/4 strength of a complete 1-1-1 or whatever along with a good water. You can see by the purpling of the stem 5-6 inches up. Then the top is green again which you either gave it ferts. and or recently supplied about a cup full watering. Light feeding and good watering.
    GooD LucK
  6. i was given some fert today it's called johns juice you mix 1 teaspoon with an 8 ounce glass of water, but when it was given to me i wasn't told what persentage of the fert mix to use when i make a cup of the stuff up, the temp at night is about 70 and during the day it's about 80,they are getting plenty of light the 100 watt floressent bulbs i went to seems to be giving them enough light, and as for the sex no it's not showing yet and the PH of the water should be about 6.7 or 7.0 i'm using a mix of distilled and purified water,if i'm missing any thing please tell me
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    Get new nutrients. Buy something that people have tried and proven. Often times normal nutrients are far too concentrated for quantities like those you are using.

    Also, if you are using coco (I cant tell from your pics.) or soil-less mix, your pH needs to be around 5.8-6.0
  8. i'm using a soil mix, it was for out door plants, it's a mix between Merical grow and a peetmoss soil seems to work good for out doors, i'm using every thing this guy i know used outdoors for my indoor micro grow
  9. Get rid of the miracle grow. It has time release nutrients in it that will kill your plants.
  10. Thats unfair to say.

    Its def not at the toppa the list, but it works.

    U have to know how to handle it, thats all.

  11. see i know the soil is good because the guy i got it from just had a harvest and the plants turned out great
  12. that,s right mg soil is great if your plant is 1-2 foot tall when transplanted in to mg soil
    its just not good for seedlings i lost about 10 seedlings before i found this out
  13. did your check the ph of the runoff my plants looked like they had a cal-mag def
    but it was not def it was lockout due to the ph being to low
  14. yea dude my plant looks exactly like yours. Im convinced its a nute burn. Im also using MG soil, pure MG soil with nothing added in it. I was overwatering and when i stopped watering for a week i could see that the new set of leaves had much less yellow and no brown spots at all. Pretty much completely green. One thing I would do is stop watering for a while and see what happens. I wouldnt be surprised if new leaves came in nice and green.

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  15. alright guys you asked about the sex, it's a not so beautiful female, she's still sick and i still need help i've tryed every thing you'll have suggested and still brown spots and yellowing leaves? is my plant diseased? and if i can't get the problem fixed should i just pull her up:(?, the only thing else i can really think of is using a small cube of fish and sticking it in the siol down nedt to the plant in hopes the fish will give it the nutes it will need for continue flowering

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