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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by 360wayvin, May 15, 2010.

  1. can sum body tell me y every time i put my plants in direct sunlight. where its no other trees to make shade for them, the leaves always curls up like its going to die?
  2. Do you always start them indoors? If so before you put them in direct sunlight you need to 'acclimate' them to full sun exposure.

    I take my sprouts; including all my vegetables and put them outside at sunset where the sun is dying, but still viable for the plant to consume.

    After two nights of this they will be able to handle direct sunlight, put em in the ground soon here.
  3. ooooo ok i see where u comming from, but the thing is that i started them outside in side of a lil bin type of thingy. but it was mostly in the shade but it still was getting sunlight, they have been growing like a month now, soo soon as i take them and put em in direct sunlight where no trees could have shade for them, i left them there bout two hours then went back and checked up on em and thats when i seen they looked like they were about to die, and myyyy only crystal that i had growing died on me , it hurt man lol . but ima begginner grower.neva completed a grow thats how last year i went threw all the other 14 crystal seeds, but the one i recently had i had got the farthest with that one and the others just sum regular from around the way but got more on the way, i kno it seems like im talkin too damn much lol that cus ima lil high right now, but ye man thats my story , i just lookin for help,:smoking:

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