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  1. Ok so heres the deal, I have to think of a title for a project about Communism, and I must use the words change or impact and the word innovation in the title. For example, Communism: The innovation that changed Asia and Europe. So can anyone give me ideas? I'm gonna get stoned and think of some, but I just want more insight and more examples from other people. So please leave you titles, thank you.
  2. How about "The Impact of Communism on (whatever) and the Innovation's of Struggle"?

    I'm really fucking high so I can do this all night.
  3. Hit em up then my marijuana brother!!
  4. Give me some more specifics, it's kinda hard when I have no clue what its actually for..
  5. History project, I'm writing about communism's role in Russia.
  6. How about: Communism: The innovation that changed Asia and Europe?
  7. I want something catchy, gets the eyes of the reader and the world.
  8. "Communism in Russia, Change and Innovation" that was ridiculously simple.

    "Innovation and Change: Communism in Russia" another simple one.

    "The History of Communism in Russia: Change and Innovation Out of Necessity"

    And my personal favorite, "Jungle Fever: Communism's Impact in Asia and it's Innovations", which requires some kick ass war stories and punji sticks.. Maybe follow the history of communist China too and end with how it became an economic power house or some shit.
  9. dude im gonna be honest, you're not gonna find a single person that wants to get on here and do homework. This is a cannabis oriented website. We are all too stoned to help. But we are all wishing you luck, so....do with that what you will.
  10. ^^ Yeah, I don't think I'm going to come up with any eye catching titles using the words "communism", "impact/change" and "innovation". Those words are pretty undramatic unless you're a Republican or like Reaganomics.
  11. Thanks all! very helpful, my title is Communism: The critical change in China's history, Yes we Mao!
  12. Communist: The Road to Totalitarianism.
  13. Communism: Carl Marx's impactual theory of epic fail
  14. :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

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