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Discussion in 'General' started by _Salty_, Jun 2, 2009.

  1. The site isnt letting me edit my signature. Sorry I know I already posted a thread, but no one gives a shit and I really want to make my signature. Im getting an error message that says: BB code size value is too big.

    what the hell really
  2. if it doesnt let me do something, why do I have the option of doing it? thats retarded
  3. Just search in google for 'BB code size value is too big', there are plenty of other people having the same problem. It appears to be that you have to much 'BBcode' in your signature, take out some of the changes you've made to things such as font size, colour, and other formatting.

    It probably would have been easier to search google for the error message rather than creating multiple threads, but I hope I helped...
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    ok I just did that and nothing worked. it says my code is too big, so I even made it the smallest font and size possible and even typed in just a period to test it and its still "too big"

    its not just this, theres a lot of other problems with this site Ive found

    god this is ridiculous. I might take my stoner forum intentions elsewhere

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