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Discussion in 'Marijuana Legalization' started by flyingcow67, Jul 17, 2017.

  1. Been in the nationalguard for 5 years now. was sent to the ER on multiple occasions for severe anxiety/depression/ptsd and would have 3 or more episodes a day. iv been put on all kinds of meds for it even been to a few mental hospitals (never worked). i get passed a random strain of weed at a friends house for the 1st time and no anxiety at all. i keep using for 2 months every day and no problems occurred. i stop using for a week and im right back where i started. its been a month and i feel like im going over the edge. still in the nationalguard and still go to the hospital on a regular and still havent been handed my discharge papers. needed to get this shit off my chest because i cant handle this anymore. the only thing thats worked is weed but i could get pulled for a drug test any time now and i just dont know what to do. ples help.
  2. I'm no expert by any means but can you get a medical MJ card so you can be legal?
  3. So sorry to hear that! Unfortunately being a National Guard is a federal program for the federal government and as much as I wish cannabis was 100% legal it is in fact still illegal with the federal government so it sucks but even a medical card would not help you there. I would defiantly request your medical discharge papers then enjoy brother! Once again I'm sorry to hear this I personally deal with heavy PTSD issues on a daily basis and am so thankful for Cannabis legal or not I'll always have my meds!

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