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  1. Okay, Im gonna sound pretty crazy in a little bit, but please bear with me. So I was a daily smoker for a real long time, I'd smoke about a gram a day. I'd usually do it at night, get stoned and chill and play video games or watch a movie. One particular night I smoked a bowl of kief and some loud I got from my friend. I went about my night as usual, but I realized I was too high to play the game. No biggie, I just cut it off and went to watch TV. Not even five minutes after that I heard a voice in my head say "It's been a long time, old friend." Then I had these crazy shocks/chills run through my entire body and my heart started beating really fast. Basically frozen, I just laid there with my hand on my chest trying to count the beats but I couldn't keep focus, I would just lose track when I heard that voice again. Every time I would hear it, I would get those shocks again.

    I tried resisting it, I wasn't sure how but I tried and I honestly think it worked. It subsided for a few minutes, maybe ten. Then outta nowhere I heard a different voice in my head yell "Get your ass out here or we're coming in for you!" I tried to ignore it and just roll over and go to sleep, didn't work at all. Few minutes later the voice screamed "We're here" and I started hearing thumps and taps all around my room. I was feeling those shocks then too, a lot. Stuff like this sorta carried on for the next hour or so, then it all stopped and I was finally able to sleep.

    I cut back on weed for a while, only doing it with friends and what not, then after about two weeks I felt like I was over all that, I smoked alone at night again. This time it was two hours after I had smoked and I wasn't even high anymore. Craziest part about this particular moment, my cat was even reacting to the taps I was hearing across the room, he seemed genuinely scared. I got someone and talked to them about all that, it seemed to make it stop.

    Now I go days without smoking, only at parties or when I'm with my close friends. I need to know if those episodes were because of the weed or if I have some mental disorder (schizo?) or if there's some paranormal shit goin on.

    Please guys I could really use some input on this.
  2. yea bro weed is definetly not for you shits making you like crazy ahahahahah u should try stopping its just not for all of us
  3. yeah youre just thinking too much. just dont think about it before smokin and youll be aight
  4. If what you are saying is true then it is likely you have a mental disorder, seek help from a source other than a forum
  5. Probably just some little sound like a wood pecker or a tap that you overreacted to. While it could be some mental disorder i wouldn't immediately say that. There is however a huge link between schizophrenia and marijuana use. I'm not at all saying the herb causes it, maybe just a ton of people with the disorder smoke. it's estimated that between 18-30% of people with schizophrenia used marijuana at a very young age.  And in the swedish army after people were interviewed those that used marijuana in teenage years were 600% more likely to develop schizophrenia than those who didn't. Sorry if i'm babbling here but i did a paper on shizophrenia a few years ago and once college is over i'll have a degree in psychiatry. Don't worry too much man, I'm sure you'll be totally fine.
  6. can someone say schizophrenia? Sorry but some drugs like hallucinogens can trigger people to have schizophrenia who have high risks of having that disorder. I don't think weed can trigger this though. Maybe you have a mental illness or you are prone to it.
  7. I have heard/read that weed can trigger it, and I do have an aunt with schizophrenia maybe even more family members with it. I was just hoping that wasn't the case. I think it'd probably do me some good if I slowed down or stopped anyway, thanks guys!
  8. I think it was the T.V. man. You were so high you heard the tv and thought it was toward you in a high kinda manner. This happened to me once while I was listening to music. I had eminem song on and was completely backed out of my mind. I was simply too high. So I would sleep on the bed but the music playing and I kept thinking some1 was screeming at me and it scared the shit outta me. 
    It was almost the worst 30minutes of my life, but thank god the playlist ended.
    I am sorry if nothing makes sense but im pretty high right now aswell, because I dont even come on here when im sober cuz...well cuz its GC  :gc_rocks:
    :yummy:   :devious:  :hello:  :hippie:  :smoke:  :smoking:  :confused:  :eek:  :bongin:  :confused_2:  :yay:  :metal:  :hide:  :cry:  :love:  :laughing:  :gc_rocks:  :ey:  :mad:
  9. sounds like schizophrenia, and what the voices said makes me think of paranoid schizophrenia. i would stop smoking or it could actually get worse.
  10. lmfaoooo! I'm sorry, I stopped reading after 'its been a long time old friend' that shit cracked me up
  11. you high as shit with all those emoticons...anyway, what eminem song was it? eminems the shittt
  12. I know how you feel with the Eminem stuff. Same stuff happened to me but with Sabaton and I had to sit through 6 albums about war. That was so intense - don't want to repeat that shit.
    Mobbin sounds right though OP, could have left the TV on.
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    Schizophrenia isn't a genetic mental disease fortunately enough, ask your mother(if she's still around, my condolences if she isn't) if she had gotten a normal virus such as a cold or the flu when she was pregnant, let me tell you what happens.

    When the mother gets a virus, it effects the unborn child, ultimately leading to effects in the brain, especially due to the child being so underdeveloped. When the virus enters the child's brain it effects a region of the brain and remains dormant until puberty, after which puberty releases new hormones etc into your body, which leads to a very high chance (90%+) of the schizophrenia activating.
    (This is the highest chance case study that links to schizophrenia, this isn't 100% probable, but it is currently the leading cause according to research)

    Fortunately for you schizophrenics all have more than one symptom, so check wikipedia and if you feel that you do in fact have  more than one, it would be wise to go to a psychologist.

    Edit : sorry for the lecture, i'm baked and felt like writing something.

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