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I need help!

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by Growbros, Jan 11, 2013.

  1. I am thinking about purchasing a vaporizer but I don't want a cheap one! I've heard vaporizing my weed can leave me with a really nice high. Any preferences on a brand I should get?
  2. Do you want a desktop (home) vape or a portable vape? If home, do you want a whip or balloon vape?

  3. For home vapes, there are a few more choices than just whips and "balloons". You also got your direct draw log vapes like the Underdog and HI and Wchywood. You also got glass on glass vaporizers like the LSV, the Vriptech and the Cloud. You got vapes that can do BOTH whips and bags.

    Lots of greats choices out there.
  4. Ill check out ones that can do both. Thanks!

  5. Vapes that will do both:

    Arizer Extreme Q
  6. If your looking for a portable i highly recommend the Arizer Solo.
  7. This. Do your own research on arizer solo portable OP. Amazing vape
  8. Desktop

    Extreme Q - 140-160 - does both bags a whips quite well, but arguably not as well as a dedicated vape for both, but who has funds for that? Can be attached to a waterpipe via whip or direct connection with the right adapters. Direct connection may feel cumbersome.

    Vtower - ?? - by the same company as the EQ it only does whips.

    Silver Surfer - 200-230 - best whip vape on the market. Sturdy as all hell, boasting 24 7 use for years to come. Whip can be attached to bong, or like EQ a direct connection is possible, but may be cumbersome. Before I sold my SSV I had a direct connection setup if you want more on that.

    Da Buddha - 130-160 - same company, heating element, and general design of the Silver Surfer. Its more affordable but comes with less custom glass, less color options, fewer ground glass options, and is not at an angle like the surfer is to help keep your bud upright. The glass used in general is of slightly less quality. There's no difference in function though, having used both. Just like the Silver Surfer it can be used with a bong with a whip, or awkwardly with an adapter.

    Life Saber - 160-200 - same company as buddha and surfer, and same killer heating element too. My favorite of the three and my current go-to vape, its handheld, with a two-in-one style heating cover that can be used to attach to an 18mm joint like the surfer and buddha, and a spherical ball and socket joint for use with a bong. It is meant as a plugin handheld vape to be used one handed like a joint, or for direct connection through a bong. The direct connection I mentioned with EQ, Buddha, and Surfer are makeshift versions of this.

    Underdog - 180-230 - a little log vape, these wooden beautys are meant to conserve. They use stems instead of bags or whips, and have small bowls but manage to pack a punch.

    I was gonna type up popular portables but lazy as hell now...sorry. Check out INH004, Pax, Solo, and Cera. We're in the middle of some pretty crazy advancements in the portable field. Its hard to keep up, but some are looking interesting.

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