i need help with ventilation

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  1. ok so im startin to build my grow box but im stuck on ventilation i want to know the simplest most effective way i was gonna use 2 inline fans the input higher cfm then the exhaust one but im not sure how id go about mounting an inline fan if there is a simpler technique out there please share its gonna be a small 3 plant DWC system using a 400 watt HPS light 15"x45"x7' maybe 6'
  2. sorry i realize i put this in the wrong thread
  3. your exhaust should have a higher CFM. intake CFM is negligible unless you are pulling it through a long duct or restricting filter.

    the intake should be in a bottom area of your space, perhaps with an oscillating fan in front of it to push the fresh air back and forth across your space and make sure there's not stale air or excess moisture developing.

    Your exhaust should be in the upper parts of the space, either in the ceiling or upper side. This ensures the fresh air is passing by your plants before it goes out of your space.

    you don't have to mount the fan if you use some flexible (or other) ducting that connects from the ports in your space to your exhaust.
  4. i was thinking duel passive intake on both sides so 1 on each side about 6"x1'

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