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    I need something that will open up a new door in my life, that will show me something that I have never seen before but have over look a over a hundred times of more. I need something that will open my eyes, that will show me it is me and nobody else that owns this spot that I am standing or this place that I am sitting.

    I need something special, that will give me hope. Hope may only be a word that I have said a few times or heard people talk about. I always start to look for it, and it gives me the chills, maby because I am always looking for it on dollar bills.

    Can somebody point me in the right direction?
  2. for me theres no right direction
    it depends on each person's mind.
    so you gotta find it your self. theres no right or wrong,common sense is not common. i truely believe that.

    my something, i say what i will always regret if i never try to do it ,is living my life fully,with all that come from that.

    if yours is money well my only advice is try to focus on sth not that materialistic...

    now about money..you have a point
    ...money....money can go and fuck off...i wish they were never invented...everything seems to depend on these and...:mad::( fuckin money...life would be so much easier without them..

    oh well...:smoke:
  3. Uhh...umm... we got a problem, here.
  4. Try traveling dude. Get a big backpack and put a ton of shit in it and go to a country youve never been in and walk around. Shit, ive been in every country in Europe(excluding portugal) and its rlly great. Theres so much to see, and you dont need that much money. You can make a decent living doing odd jobs in cities and just bouncing around having a good time. Even better bring a m8 with u if u have one. Hit up amsterdam first for some good herb and continues via train/bus from there. Venice is particurly magical. Theres no city in the world like it, its worth a trip. Traveling works for and it may not work for you but its worth a try.
  5. you missed the rest of what I said.
  6. instead of "looking" for that special thing take a step back from yourself and observe what interests you

    that special thing is your special thing, you'll be interested in it for no reason except it's just there in you. You might even think the things you're into are "boring" or "common", but that's just because the things that interest are such a big part of you.

    Even though your things are an integral part of you you have to look around at how people use those things so you can decide what's the best way to use your things. If you can make good money out of something that naturally interests you every day you go to work will be interesting and fun :hello:

    maybe this will help? http://www.bls.gov/oes/current/oes_alph.htm

    GL man!
  7. Buy a fast car!
  8. Magic Mushrooms
  9. ^^ yeah that one
  10. qft....
  11. Sounds like you're wanting an experience from within that will open your eyes to your self. You can do as suggested and travel, thats very self discovering, or you can take about 3-4 days off work, lock yourself in a comfortable environment and eat some Peyote.
  12. maybe I misunderstood the question

    peyote or shrooms, or acid.

  13. maybe i misunderstood too??
    now im confused..but..uuhh..peyote....
  14. Yeah Peyote. One of the most self discovering drug experiences of the world. Used by the indians for centuries for soul searching and spiritual journies. It was an awakening experience for me. But I guess it would depend on the person.. I dunno maybe I misunderstood the question.. See what happens when a question like this is posed to a bunch of people who are stoned. It confuses everyone and makes us all have to pack another one.
  15. its music.....play the piano man
  16. I agree... Travel.

    There is truly nothing more eye-opening then traveling the world by yourself. I wouldn't recommend Europe though... too fucking expensive with the exchange rate. Go to South East Asia. Beautiful land, beautiful people, amazing culture, and it's cheap as hell.
  17. if the thread goes like that and i misunderstood before then my advice is
    travel in europe africa south america ,everywhere,pick places learn diffrent cultures,try diffrent drugs,meet people..
    live your life fully.../no see...same conclution..as before:smoking::p

    i hope you feel better and find what youre lookin for..:wave:
  18. if a change is what you want,,,,go all the way....

    change your sexual preferance and go queer for a while,,,,,

    i bet the first time some footlong goes in the old pootshoot,,,,,

    yo'll see nothing was wrong with before,,,,,,,j/k:D
  19. This shit had me in stiches!

    But red, change up your scenery. Even if just going four or five hours north.

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