I need help with some computer stuf thats too long to put in the title *luks@Lebowski

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  1. So I decided to hook up my Yamaha PSR 350 to my computer to work with fruity loops to make beats. So I went out and bought a sound card (an Edio Live-Theater 5.1 if it helps). It's a cheap one cuz im kinda broke. So i hooked everything up and installed the sound card but it doesnt work. I've tried everything in the Fruity Loops help and the piano one. It kinda seems like FL Studio doesn't notice it or something cuz its in the device manager.

    and i can take as many screenshots as you need.
  2. go ask loopers-delight.com krispen will set you straight...
  3. thx i'll give that a try
  4. Ok how do you have your keyboard connected to the sound card? Midi, or twin rca/jack?
    And take a screenshot of frootyloops for meh, dont have it on hand.
  5. midi

    sry it took so long lol

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  6. i got it. turned out that the cables in was supposed to go to the out on the keyboard. who woulda thought eh. but thanks anyway guys.
  7. Good because I was just about to tell you I had no idea.
  8. My hero. :love:
  9. Your a producer? If so what kind of music? I make hiphop beats.

  10. Hey cool man, im into dj'ing mixsets, mostly techno, house, electro house.
  11. got a demo for anyone who is interested ??:)

  12. Yah, my friend is ill with hip hop shit, but I can throw down some ill techno, or house beats

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