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i need help with pollen press

Discussion in 'Other Toking Tools' started by Rocklax, Jun 22, 2009.

  1. i am looking to buy a pollen press from the local smoke shop to make sum hash from my kief, do u have any tips on how to use the press? do i have to heat it or warm it during the process?
  2. i was gunna do the same thing but then i had heard of another method . . . this is what i did. this is just an excerpt from another thread i found through google when i was looking to do this.

    "Here's an addendum for making hash.

    How to make HASH from the keif

    1. First, take all the keif and put it into some form of cellophone plastic envelope, something around the size and width of a small cel-phone. A cigarette package cover should do it. Reach in and push it all down into the bottom with your finger, then fold the top part over, sealing if off. Try and do it fairly tight. Tape it shut.

    2. Wrap it very tight in newspaper, having enough paper to at least double layer it when folding it over. Then tape it shut.

    3. Preheat an oven to 175c.

    4. Wet the package with hot water and put it into the oven, leaving it there for 10 minutes. The wet paper will stop it from burning. The resin will soften and make the pressing easier.

    5. Using some type of roller, roll, and roll, and roll, rolling the package as flat as you can with a lot of pressure. Start lightly then slowly increase pressure as you roll, and roll, and roll.

    *** OPTIONAL: You could rewet the package, reheat, and reroll again if you wanted to. It is quite commonly done.

    6. Cool it down in the fridge. Open up and enjoy. :)"

    i put the package in the oven twice, and my shit came out sooo fucking dank. gets me real high lol. I definitely reccomend this, AND its free.
  3. ^^ ummm thts so much more complicated.why wouldnt u just get a press
  4. I have no idea if I use my pollen press correctly, but it seems to work.

    I just scoop all of the kief into it with one end screwed on, then I tighten the other end until it feels firm, not too loose but not as tight as it can go, and then just let it sit for a few hours or a day, or 2 weeks until I remember that its there.

    Then it just pops out into a nice little disc that I can crumble into a bowl or whatever, I do not heat it at all.

  5. because its free and as long as you do it when youre blazed its mad easy and fun. You smoke and do a little work and at the end you get a good piece of hash that is fucking delicious
  6. ok heres what you do: cut 2 circles of wax paper the size of the black pins that

    you press the kief with. Next put one of the pieces into the press and onto

    one of the pins. Now, pour the kief into the press. ( you want to have at the

    very least .5 worth of kieff) Now put the other piece of wax paper to the other

    pin and screw the kief inbetween the 2 pieces of wax paper. The reason I do

    this is so that the kief comes right off the wax paper easily. Now I screw it as

    hard as I can and wait about 5 hours minimum ( a day is best). Then I get a

    blow dryer and heat the press for about 30 sec - one minute. I unscrew and

    if the kief is a slightly brownish color it has become hash. Now I take it off

    off the wax paper and enjoy!
  7. [​IMG]

    For large amounts of kief, I sawed two boards about 4" both ways, place the baggy of kief, tighten, let it sit for a day or two. Wadaboom, wadabang.
  8. im going to buy a pollen press but right now all im doing is placing the kief in between waxed paper and heating a knife and pressing, then folding it over and repeating . the only thing is it makes really thin pieces. does the press make thicker pieces?

  9. I used to do it this way (minus the hair dryer, I might try that next time and see how it goes), but I found that if I didn't screw them in quite as tight then it wouldn't stick.
  10. How much kief do you have? For small amounts/tablets check the pictorial in my sig.
  11. imusing about a half ounce of sifted bud so?
  12. I usually tighten it as tight as it can go and I don't wait very long

  13. .....dude..........holy shit i might try that before buying a press lol good idea
  14. i find that cleaning your pollen press with alcohol right before putting in the kief really to keep it from sticking to the press.
  15. My method is pretty much the same but I use a small amount of plastic wrap on one of the plugs first. Maybe a 1 inch square amount of plastic wrap. After putting one plug in, I cap it and then fill the tube with some kief.  I use a 45 shell casing as a means to fill the tube. Amounts always very but it seems like two passes through the pollen makes a cake an 1/8 to 3/16 thick when its finished. I of course don't fill the shell up, I just pass it through and scoop some up.  Put plastic wrap on the other plug, screw together as tight as your fingers will allow.   Then I fold a bandana up and wrap the press in it.  Now I have a small heating pad and I place the press in the bandana and roll it up in the heating pad, turn the heating pad on low and let it run through a cycle.  I've tried this without the press being rolled up in the bandana but the pad gets the press to hot, so the extra cloth material tempers that somewhat, in that you don't have whatever oil is being produced attaching itself to the walls of the tube, instead of mixing nicely with your product. After the cycle is complete just let the press cool down or put it in the freezer for a short time.  Now unscrew it and presto, something excellent to smoke.  After a few times you should clean the walls of the tube because of the resin/oil build up that hinders easily removing the plugs.  I use 91% isopropyl alcohol and a Q-tip. Cheap and works great on pipes, bongs and my press.  I find this method to be clean, quick and effective.  Great site and enjoy the many comments on how to get the most from your investment.  Remember, as adults we choose to be impaired, choose your time and place wisely. Don't make that one stupid mistake that causes other to watch out for you, when you choose to smoke and drive. Being impaired has a responsibility attached to it, so get high and enjoy it, but don't become a statistic because you went stupid for a couple of hours!  
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    1-Place the kief in the corner of a plastic baggie and press it with a metal object to compact it.
    2-Cut the corner and seal it by melting the plastic with your bic. Leave as little room as you can without burning the kief.
    3-Wrap it in 3 layers of newspaper and soak it for 4-5 seconds under the sink.
    4-Take a small pot with water in it and heat it to medium.
    5-Once it is hot(not too hot nor too cold) press the pot on the little package you've made earlier both sides 5 seconds. Press as hard as you can.
    6-Repeat step 5 as much time as needed (for me its like 6-7 times)
    7-Remove the cooked hash from the baggie. From there you can either smoke it (which i usually do) or roll it with a rolling pin and cook it more in the oven in wax paper at moderate heat.
    Hope it helps happy tokin!

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