I Need Help With My Social Anxiety And Depression

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  1. Hey, so i burly made this account hoping i could get some great advice on how to get over my social anxiety and depression. I've had this for a terrible amount of time and in a few months im about to go to a University. I'm a studious kid, I love learning about new things and have long term goals i want to complete. but all my life I have always been shy, always been nervous around people and some fucked up shit has happened the last past months that has caused me depression. I could really use some help. The only thing keeping me happy is cannabis use. But i feel like it only helps me when i'm high but i want to enjoy things when im not high also but its quite hard facing reality for some odd reason... I hardly talk to people I try to avoid hanging out with people, I try to avoid having conversations with people unless i really feel comfortable with them and that's like 2 people but only if its just me and that person. I avoid my family and i'm just always in my room. Some great advice and tips would be greatly appreciative.. This is my last chance i see that could actually help me.. don't prove me wrong. Thank you. Much Love.

  2. we're all gonna die anyways so just go out and do it "reality is a bitch and death is her sister", pick up some social skills go to the club.
  3. i have very bad anxiety and depression. 
    my social anxiety went down a lot when i started hanging out with outgoing people. 
    find some friends and do stuff! it really does help.
    if you notice that your issues are debilitating and stop you from doing what you want, then i'd recommend getting real help; a therapist. trust me, words aren't enough to make your problems go away and neither is pot.
    This is bad. 
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    I have the same thing i mean bad enough to have to be legally disabled. The thing is the only way to get over it is to face the fear, take the leap of faith man. You may not succeed but the fact that you did it actually helps make you feel good. I applied for a job and almost got it but didn't. Ya it bothered me but the fact that i actually went and did it showed me that i CAN do all those things i think i can't it's all possible. You just have to try. Pain and Gain applies here. The journey is hard but the reward is well worth it.
    You can either stand at the precipice looking out wondering what it's like to jump off the edge till you die or you can do it.
    Also yes a psychiatrist and a counselor can go a LONG way. I suggest starting with a therapist or counselor for 2 weeks then if you think it's necessary see a psychiatrist as they will most likely put you on meds right away which is a last resort kind of thing. I have to say though the medications i'm on saved my life, for real. If you don't like a medication tell your doctor right away and you can try another. everyone's brain chemistry is different and some meds work for some people and can do nothing but bad for another person with the same disease. It's trial and error in this area just don't give up! you can make it!
  5. go see a doctor if it is that bad
  6. Don't worry.  You are perfectly normal and don't have any problems. You need to tell that to yourself.  Do things that make you happy.  Get good grades in school, do good work, and be proud of your accomplishments.  Keep them in your mind.
    If at first you don't succeed then dust yourself off and try again.  What doesn't kill you will only make you stronger.  Your failures will better prepare you to succeed and not make the same mistakes twice.
    People with mental problems do not need a Dr. or anyone with a PhD to help them.  They do not need any drugs either.  They just need a person who understands them.
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    ^ While a supporting person does help and can make the difference between a full lived life and not i have to disagree. For some people their problems are directly caused by chemical problems or processes in their brain and life with symptoms is unbearable or you're so destabilized by it you need hospitalization. I was in the psych ward and some of those people honestly can barely function let alone be treated kindly by the public. There was one guy who would be talking to himself because he heard voices and they would talk back. He could have 4 person conversations with his own brain. He could never function without the care of a doctor and medications. Fact is people have no sympathy and have no idea at all the suffering some people go through. For some of us medications can change your life and save you. That doesn't mean you have to take htem forever as i know i won't but as a tool for progress they can bring about monumental changes in the right direction.
    There's nothing wrong with seeing a doctor it doesn't make you crazy or weak or any other negative connotation. Recovery is a serious undertaking.
  8. Well, I agree with that.  Certain drugs are necessary to solve some people's brain chemical imbalance.  I'm more talking about people who have natural feelings of depression, anxiety, etc. If you just feel shy like this guy and feel depressed or have anxiety than you should stay away from pharmaceutical drugs and you don't need to seek out any Dr. or someone with a PhD.  If you're really crazy and have a legit chemical imbalance than you need those things.
    Don't fool people into thinking they're crazy when they aren't though.  Everybody needs some pharmaceutical drugs now just to live a happy life.  That's all BS.
    People tell themselves something and the brain functions to gather information to support why you feel that way.  You will begin to believe all the negative thoughts and your brain will find ways to support those thoughts. Many people develop these mental issues just by thinking in negative ways.  Just have to think positive and think more of yourself.
  9. If you think it's a debilitating thing, then go see a doctor. If its something that can be relieved by natural means, then toke away.
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    Double post.
  11. Depression is a chemical imbalance, why do you think they prescribe SSRIs (Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors) for people with depression?
    OP I know exactly how you feel man, for my first couple years of college I was such a recluse. What you really need to do is find people you have something in common with. Do you have any hobbies/activities that you like to engage in (besides smoking ganj)? If not is there anything that you've seen that seems even mildly entertaining? My rec had a rock climbing wall and all sorts of shit like that, that most of the time doesn't even cost money. I suggest doing some physical actities like running or lifting or a intermural sport to get that dopamine flowing, it really does make a difference when you're actively trying to better yourself. If that sort of thing really isn't for you I'm sure you could find a club (there's litterally more than you can imagine at big universities) with people who you have something in common with, wether it be Movie Club, Politics Club, Chrisitianity Club, it doesn't fuckin' matter. The only way you'll ever become comfortable with yourself is by getting out there and meeting and engaging with people, you just have to trust me, like I said before I was exactly where you were. If you want to shoot me a PM feel free man.
    Did you miss in my post where i suggested see a counselor or therapist including behaviour or cognitive before going to a psych? and did you miss where i said drugs are a last resort?
  13. I must have.  I didn't notice you specifically mention any of those things, actually.
    I don't think that is the first course of action to take anyway.
  14. I assume you're not joining a fraternity (which is a good thing), I highly recommend you join a club or two. It can be a club about anything you find interesting, colleges have all kinds of clubs, music, movies, arts, etc. Or since you mentioned you were a smart kid, you may be interested in a club of your field, such as engineering, science, leadership, etc. My freshman year, I joined a leadership club and met tons of people, it really helped me get settled into college. I'm going into my sophomore year now, and I'm planning on joining an economics club or something of the like, since that's a field i find interesting. 
    Also, are you dorming? If you are, it's not going to be hard for you to meet new people, you'll soon realize that most of the people in college love doing the same exact things that you love doing, like smoking weed and playing video games. But above all else, keep your priorities straight and make sure you don't fall back in school, I've seen it doom too many people who come into college for the partying and the excessive drinking. 
    Don't sweat it too much, practice some introduction techniques and before you know it, your new problem will be having too many friends and not knowing who to hang out with for the night. 
  15. Mainly, because they want your money and don't care to help you deal with your "problems" by showing you natural and more efficient methods of healing.  These other methods may take more time but are less expensive and do not carry any harmful side-effects.  Big Pharma would rather make their money and try to fix people with a pill.  Quick and easy for them, the results are big profits and more patients who want to be "normal" like everyone else.  Young teens and kids are some of their best customers these days.
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    Shifting all the attention you put in to yourself into the world around you can help a lot.
  17. There is no shame in getting help from medication as it could potentially put you in a position to begin to feel better. Couple that with some determination and willingness to float outside your comfort zone and you will have made marked progress. Stay positive. Good luck man 
  18. I used to have this problem. Join a mma gym and get friendships though there!
  19. look up omega 3's and take em everyday. takes a month to kick in to help depression. way better than prozac and shit. and smoke a lil less
  20. I have situational anxiety, If I don't have enough control of any given situation I shut down and become extremely defensive. This led to depression quite often. For a very long time I was unable to medicate because doctor prescribed pharmaceuticals made me feel detached and not in control of my surroundings. For a very long time I thought I was in control of my emotions and I was able to do what I thought was well for myself. Then when I started smoking weed I found out what I had closed myself off from. So I understand how smoking make you feel normal. Other people can help you and understand you, keep moving forward. You can do it.

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