I Need Help With My Light :(

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  1. HIGH all, I got my new light and bulbs today, but theres two problems.

    First, the most important one, is that theres no "plugs" on it. Its like a security light I think, and only has these bland wire ends. How do I make it work? I know it can, casue Ive seen countless frowers with security lights, including Dierwolf.

    Second, and not very hard for me to solve, is that the brim of the socket is too big that my flouros cant screw in. All I have to do is saw them, I think.....

    Thanks all, and I hope to be getting started soon :)




  2. Anyone?

    Someone told me the white and black ones are + and -, and the green/yellow one is the grounded wire...

    This means I need to cut the female end off of an extension cord, and then connect the wires in I guess....

    I think Im gonna kill myself doing this, literally...
  3. usually red is positive and green is negative.. if you strip some of the rubber off the wire, usually its says "+++++++++++++++" down it... hence... positive

  4. So.... Two things:

    1. That means it really has to just go onto a extension cord?

    2. How would you turn it off? You would have to unplug the extension cord every time That doesnt seem very safe...
  5. that's an AC lamp, not a DC. There is no + and -

    Take all the white wires and use a wire nut to connect it to the ribbed side of a lamp cord. Now do the same with the black wires and this goes to the smooth,insulated wire. The yellow/green is your ground and goes to the bare copper wire of a 3-wire lamp cord.
  6. Up4anything: I kninda didnt get anything out of that but one part. It was the AC part. I noticed it said it was AC and I thought that was goig to be a problem since most things are DC... will it?

    Also, I appreciate the directions, but could you explain it a tad bit better? more in depth? I didnt really get one thing lol

    Sorry, but if ya wanna help, the offers on the table ;)
  7. ARGH!

    well, I snipped the end off of the extension cord.

    Then I connected the white wire of this light to the white wire on the cord, and the black wire from the light to the black wire in the cord. ( only one side of the double sided setup mind you)

    Then, I screwed in my Lights of america 42 Watt Flourex bulb, and plugged it in.

    It didnt light up or anything....

    Im so confused, and Im regretting ever buying this stupid setup
  8. Im kinda lost on what you have. Flourex bulbs need a ballast they will not work unles you have a ballast. Black is always hot white is neutral.

    That setup I saw in your hand is not a ballast.. The only thing that will light up is regular bulbs,CFLs and flood lights.. It will not light up a Flourex Bulb.. What type of light system you want to use???

    Thanks Dale:devious: :devious:
  9. Well, Dale, I appreciate the input. I could tell when the guy at home depot told me they would work that he didnt sound too confinent. Oh well, im only like 30$ down the drain...

    I would like to use something that can incorporate the two 42 Watt Flourex Bulbs That I have now for a number of reasons:

    Flourex 42 Watts CFLs { By Lights of America}
    ( These are what I have BTW, Two (2) of them )

    - Lower costs on electric bill
    - Alot less heat
    - They are pretty cheap, so when they burn out, I can grab them for cheap and in Home Depot, right down the street
    - If parents ever came and saw them, I could always pass them off as regular bulbs. With the other tihngs, theyll either Think Im growing a plant, or have an animal ( Which I wouldnt be able to show them ;))

    I hope you can help dale, Thanks
  10. Ok first pic is of a 42 CFL that costs about 8.00 at walmart or if you can find 45 watters those are better but cost on them is about 10.00. the other light is a Flourex Lowes and Home depot sell them I dont know cost but their display is in security light section. The CFLs work very good I veg with them you can see second pic. Now lets talk heat both lights put out heat you will still need a computer fan. The Flourex and the CFL lights will burn plant if plant touches either light..

    Myself I think the Flourex light was a waste of money. The cfls are a waste of money too I would recomend HPS lighting and MH for vegging but it's to late for me I have already spent over 100 in CFLs nso I veg with them. Check out second pic. Next pic is of plants NL AK48 and clones
    Here's a link of where I bought my Flourex http://cgi.ebay.com/GROW-LIGHT-SYSTEM-FLUOREX-400-600-1000-HPS-HYDROPONIC_W0QQitemZ7764996795QQcategoryZ42225QQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem
    Thanks Dale

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  11. Dale: Pics dont work

    Also, Why woudl you say they are a complete waste of money? I Have the 6500k Spectrum ones , which means I can continue to veg them with.

    Also, All I need to do is get them started. I will kinda be doing a SOG method. What i mean by this, is I will get a few ( 1/2/3 ) babies atrted at a time, and when Ive determined males from females, they will go outside into my plot area I have selected.

    So, if somehow you can tell me what ballast you are using your Flourex 42 watt bulbs in, I would really appreciate it. it would help me to get started, and lower my stress level ( which is through the roof right now BTW )
  12. Here's next pic. The CFLS put out better light than the Flourex. In my opinon the Flourex is good for cloneing and that about it, I get better growth with CFLS. I would take back those flourex bulbs and get 2 42cfls or 2 45cfls..
    Thanks Dale

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  13. Alright, dale; All I can really make out well enough to knwo what I need to buy are the "Y" splitter things for the sockets. I will need one of these, but How do you have them wired? Meaning, you pluged the bulbs into the sockets, but where and what are those wires into the sockets going to ?


    These are my bulbs BTW:





    ^ shows length ^
  14. Ok, I guess I'll take them back. I will get $ 20.00 back from them;


    I would appreciate it if you tell me exactly what I need to buy for the next time I go out

    ( Basically what you have {CFL's} and to make them work )
  15. Those bulbs will not work unless you have a ballast and you will need a ballast for each bulb. Ok you can either get a 3 light setup for a bathroom for about 15.00 thats pre wired just hook black to black and white to white andplug it into outlet. That one is metal you can buy wooden one also. The next pics you but those black things and theres 2 wire per socket you just put all whites together and aall blacks together then just plug it in. The mounting bracket you had in that one pic will work fine you can run 4 blubs off it. Check pics out.
    I used old orange extension cord cut the female end off and wired it directly to bulb socket. I have a bunch of orange extension cords because on Govt construction jobs when cord quits working they throw them in trash. You hook white to white and black to black, but on those sockets their will only be 2 wires so you dont have to worry about ground. In Homedepot or ACE Hardware you can buy cords by the foot.

    Thanks Dale

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  16. Well, i want the setup like you have it in the second pic.

    That means I need to get :
    - a "Y" adapter
    - and Whats that black thing?

    Also, whered you get the wires from? were they included?


    Youre saying the mounting double bulb security light thing I have now will work, I just need the type of CFL's you have?
  17. Each socket will have about 6 inches of wire, yes you have to have some extra wire so you can hook all whites to and blacks to. and i just used some of my extension cord. You also will have to have some orange wire nuts. Then you have to have a piece of wood to drill holes in to run the wires through. How many plants do you have???

    Thanks Dale
  18. I would only use this to grow / veg 1-3 plants until they became old enough to go outdoors
  19. Then just get 2 42s or 2 45s and use that fixture you have in your first pic to screw light bulbs into. That would be the easiest.

    Thanks Dale:devious:
  20. Well, What I have now are (2) 42's...

    Do you mean get the ones that are squiggly?

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