i need help with my grow room

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  1. hi i need help the light is escaping through gaps it the doors and stuff as you can see on my photos i wanna keep my grow room a secret but the escaping light is not helping

    ive already tried putting duck tape over the gaps but thats not working as you can also see in my photos what can i do to make it more discreet

    the doors are slidy doors so i cant really obstruct the doors in any way well the door behind the boxes i can do what ever i need to there i dont use that door its just the door nearest my bed i need access to my grow room is right by my window so i need to do something before anybody notices it does anybody have any ideas for me

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  2. Hang a blackout curtain on the inside of the closet to stop the light from leaking
  3. Damn you Tihspeed you beat me too it......

    If you are really cheap just hang black hefty bags with velcro, or black tarps.
  4. cheers guys i'll give it a go that sounds like a good idea
  5. great minds think alike... nice to know im not the only thrifty guy around... you get the next one:hello:
  6. Black felt works good too and is cheap and light proof but not air proof
  7. There's a bunch of ways to do it...The double sided plastic from the hydro store, hung as a large curtain behind the doors, may be the cheapest solution that will work for a long while. Install it from the inside of the room (behind the doors), staple it completely around the doors so its sealed, and install a zipper opening if you like those. Or install one layer of the plastic sheet, stapled down and put a slit in the middle for access. Then put a second small piece of plastic that layes behind the first (stapled only at the top) and drops down over the access slit (this will stop any light from creaping out the slit), so you'll open the door, go through the slit and push aside the second piece.......Grocery stores use strips of plastic hanging from the ceiling to keep cold in refigerated areas. Its like doing the same thing kinda...
  8. I was going to get that plastic with the zipper when I start my next grow to help hold in the smell when they flower and put a carbon scrubber on the shelf above the plants to help too
  9. i had 3 plants last year i wasnt using lights or nothing they were just in my window they stunk of skunk literally stnk my house out i could smell them downstairs even but i didnt have any buds just leaf i wonder why that was
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    I had a couple girls and even a male that smelled skunky too. Was weird
  11. did yours bud m8
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    *sigh* I lost my crop when my lighting structure failed and fell on them. Broke and burned all of them
  13. awwwww man sorry to hear that i got my light set up a simular way but its a TIGHT!!! fit so fingers crossed that doesnt happen to me

    the light is a reflector and ballast combi so its heavy as fook so heavy its hard to carry must be 25kg at least if that falls it will wipe the plants out and prob self destruct
  14. Yeah I'm lucky it didn't start a fire! I'm rebuilding everything and getting it ready. I have my closet and my trunk running today to check temps and make sure they are safe.
  15. what temp does plants need i just put a temp and humidity meter in there but i dont know what temp and humidity i need do you know??
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    I like between 75 and 80 for temp and humidity around 40%
  17. its 40c or 100F and its 45 humidity am only using a HPS 400w nothing else does this sound ok to you?
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    Do you have any ventilation?
  19. ventilation??? erm not sure what you mean....

    i just have that cubord that i posted photos of, a HPS 400w light in the cubord and 2 baby plants thats all i have nothing else in there
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    You'll need a fan or something to help move air around the plants. If the temp gets too high, you'll kill the plants

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