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i need help with hotboxing...

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by insomniac2112, Aug 6, 2008.

  1. this is my first post ever on grasscity! but anyways.. i've been smoking pot for quite some time now nearly everyday. But i've never hotboxed a car before. So i'm wondering how i can air out the car after i smoke. I can't take my car back to my house smelling like weed because my parents will know... So any tips will be much appreciated!
  2. well i dont usually liek to hotbox cuz my eyes burn but i cruise with the windows cracked and the ac on a tiny bit to push air out

    get an air freshner if you want when your done smoking cruise with the windows all the way down and it should be out failrly quick

    its easier to have leather seats then cloth if you have cloth go bye some ozium at target or get some febreeze
  3. put down windows turn a/c on on the ride home
  4. I have hot-boxed my room, house, and car. Afterwords I spray some fabreze or oust and you cant even tell.
  5. whatever you do, dont turn on the a/c until you are trying to clear the smoke out. hotboxing with a/c is not a good idea, because the smell will get stuck in the a/c. same reason why when you ride with people that smoke cigs, if their car reeks of it.
  6. get some febreze.. air out the car real good first then voila.. smells like fresh flowers.. w/e
  7. just drive with all the windows down. dont waste gas on AC
  8. I hotbox w. all the windows up...being that thats the definition of hotboxing....otherwise you would just be smoking in the car.

    If you cant hotbox your car you could consider hotboxing a small closet or the handicap porta potties or a playhut haha

    Oh and if you are worried about smell I definately wouldnt smoke a blunt because that smell will stay in your whip for a while, bongs and bowls you should be fine after a nice air out when your finished smokin.
  9. Seriously, all you need to do is open all your windows and drive around for 5-10 min tops and you should be completely fine. Also, if you really wanna box your car and have no scent, buy Orange Chronic from your local headshop. It is an air-neutralizer and will get rid of the smoke if you spray it in your car when your done. Although if you do get the Orange Chronic, the best method is to drive around with open windows after for 5-10 minutes, THEN spray the car like once or twice and you should be better than good.
  10. You could also get a few people to pitch on a cheap tent/parachute, and hotbox that instead if you were worried.
  11. I don't get the point of don't get any higher and the smell just sticks around for longer.
  12. if ur smoking somewhere others might see smoke coming from ur car that could be bad
  13. This guy

  14. i shall say that i concur
  15. Actually, you do get higher from the second hand smoke. That's the main reason why people hot box...
  16. #16 dr dro, Aug 6, 2008
    Last edited by a moderator: Aug 6, 2008

    I agree. Seriously, you're not getting any higher. If you're that desperate to get every last molecule, just hold your hits longer. It's just a way to make sure you reek of smoke.

    And to the OP, oust and febreeze can really help remove odor, leave the AC off.

  17. looks better than the kids suffocating in the smoke filled car.
  18. just dont use a blunt, and then roll down the windows for a while and run the a/c
  19. Actually you DONT get higher. THC is absorbed in 4-7 seconds. So, assuming that you hold in your hit for at least that long, the only thing that second hand smoke gets you is...well, smoke.

    Yap. Blunt smell tends to stick for days. Using a water piece will further help cover smell.
  20. but in that one hit only like what is it 30% of the thc or something im not sure but i know its less then half so therefore there is still thc in the smoke and reinhaling would then cause the absorption of more thc .. this is all theory im no pro im just using the old brain muscle on this one feel free to tell me im wrong just dont be mean..

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