I Need Help With An Oil Extraction

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  1. Hello everyone,
    So my mother has cancer and I was trying to whip up a small batch of Rick Simpson's Phoenix Tears for her to try out.
    I used quality bud and went to work, looking online I decided to go with a Naptha based solvent to reduced the amount of chlorophyll  and other impurities that come with an Alcohol extraction.
    I found some Klean Strip Green Paint Thinner and started to mix the extraction, but now I can not get the rest of the thinner to evaporate off of the oil and I dont want to evaporate the THC. 
    But now unfortunately looking at the MSDS http://www.rockler.com/tech/RTD20000426AA.pdf
    it shows that it is only about 30-40% Naptha and I am unsure of the other contents. 
    As of right now I can see separated oils with the thinner on the bottom and the extration floating on the top. I have sucked some of the thinner up, its relatively clear while the extracted part is a dark golden brown. 
    Sooo basically I am just curious on wether or not I have just completely fucked my self and I wont be able to dissipate the rest of the solvent off. :confused_2:
    Thanks for the help

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    Please dont use that. Sounds really sketch man. Use ehtyl alcohol or even iso but try the ethyl first.

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