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I need help with a grow box.

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by billabong420, Sep 13, 2005.

  1. OK so i have this nice little plant growing in a old emptyed computer case and its growing nice. im fine in that department. but i when it out grows that i have no clue what im gonna do with it.

    Im mosly growing this plant for exprience for next summer but i really want this to bud.

    any sugggestions on what i can use that will fool the ol' parents...i was think a large tall speaker that been gutted.

    any suggestions would be nice.
  2. Well im currently using a rubber maid tub, u know the ones u use to store clothes in or other accesories. It seems to fool my roommate .
  3. or just standing it up right? ho would that work. my computer case is taller than that :confused:
  4. i figured out my problem.


    im just gonna buy some lowryder seeds and grow those short little bitches.

    problem solved
  5. ur computer case is how tall? MY rubber maid box is about 1ft and a half tall. On ce it grows bigger than that ill tie it off.
  6. Lowryder, well, it sucks. At least I think so.

    You basically have to sacrifice a grow cycle to create seeds, otherwise you're getting ripped off because you can't clone it and it's like $5/seed and you don't want to keep ordering seeds at that price.

    The reason I think it sucks is simply because the yield is like 1/4oz per plant. Yeah, I know the plant is small but it still takes 2 months to grow, and woopie, if you have 2 plants (and you're lucky enough for both to be fems) then you get to stretch that entire 1/2oz of bud for the next two months while you wait to grow it again from seed because you can't clone it.

    The only time I would use it is if I had a hell of a lot of seeds and a big field to grow it in. Plus if you're doing it for experience, lowryder isn't going to teach you anything since it autoflowers and you won't be taking clones. So the light cycle and cloning process are still going to be new to you when you start growing full sized plants.

    That's just my $0.02. You may just be growing for fun and that's all fine and good, but don't be to dissappointed when you get almost no bud and are paying out the ass for seeds. I just hate seeing new growers think that lowryder is their miracle stealth growing plant when in reality it's a crappy, low potency plant that has nothing but a high price tag. In my opinion.

  7. Dude... You fuckin rock! LOL...

    Sorry... But he has some solid points here.
  8. Thanks dude :) I really do think lowryder is a scam designed to entice new growers who want to hide their plants, but since I've never grown it the only info I have is from OverGrow grow reports. I mean I'm sure maybe there are situation in which it's really important to have a short plant (someone here once mentioned growing in the middle of a field of tall grass), but other than that I really think it's not worth it, and shame on Joint Doctors for charging premium buck for it.
  9. I use bagseed too. Most seeds aren't the expensive, NL x Big Bud was like $25 I think last time I checked. Still, bagseed works for me too.
  10. well i just wanna grow for fun amd ya im gonna gorw two at a time. anf one is male and other is female ill let it polinate so i get the seeds ill sell the seeds and smoke the lowryder weed!!

    its just for experience not to learn, i got this place lol. cuz me and my friend are gonna grow next summer so i thought id try it out first
  11. Isn't learning and experience the same thing...:p
  12. No its not, you have to learn to gain experience.
  13. You dont have to sacrifice anything, you can polinate only the buds you want to have seeds in by using the brush method. But why grow seeds when you can clone much easier and get rid of the male/female guessing game.
  14. this post is hella old.. god damn new people bring up old shit all the time..

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