I need help w/ Whipits!!!

Discussion in 'General' started by weedzilla420, May 15, 2004.

  1. Wuzzup gc,
    been awhile since i last posted, i got that internet worm that fucked my computer up so my computer has been out of commmission.
    recent news for me is that i went to court a couple a weeks ago for my possession charge. i get to go through the first offenders program which says that if i stay outta trouble for a year i go back to court, the charges will be dismissed and expunged from my record.only thing is, is that i have to take drug classes for about the next a month or so (they drug test which sux cause i can't smoke. been exactly 30 days as of today since i've been sober. can't wait until classes are over. i'm gonna roll a FAT ASS blunt and smoke w/my friends.)
    i got a job at a coffee shop. we use the whip it charges for the whipped cream we use. i'll probably steal a few. is there any conventional way to get the nitro out of the canister into the balloon (w/o having to buy some expensive piece of equipment)?
  2. just drink beer
  3. yeah, lots of head shops carry crackers which arent expensive at all. you could always be creative and make one of your own...
  4. mmmmm whippits are FUN! I wouldnt suggest making one, unless you know what your doing. One of my friends tried and his blew up and froze the shit out of his hands...

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