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I need help trying to get myself into the mindset of moderation for weed

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Darthsithyman, Jul 5, 2017.

  1. I find it hard to be able to go without weed for a few days. I need to at least stop for a small period to get into moderation. I'm in high school and I see weed as something that seems to be slowing me a bit. I stutter a bit more often now, but not too much. I feel that I'll end up like those stoners that turn to be potheads. I just need some advice to extend more easily the time I can go without it. Something like 5 days for getting High. Also I need help with self control. Thanks
  2. Here come the mods

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  3. Age can be a heavy influence, with a better understanding of yours, we will be better equipped to help you. So, how old are you? :smoke:
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  4. Before you get kicked off, here's some advice. Find a hobby that consumes your time & Make it more important than weed. This can be starting a new business, investing in stocks, learning an instrument, fishing, lifting, etc. Just find something to consume your time & most importantly only buy in small amounts that won't last long.

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  5. Thank you for the help. You get kicked off? I'm not responding to the last one. But I appreciate it. Will do! I was thinking of going to go back to working out a lot.
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  6. You gotta be 18+ to be on here, and mods are pretty strict about it. Assuming your in highschool your implying your probably not 18. I honestly don't care but apparently other community members do

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  7. And forsure man, working out is awesome. It's what I do to keep my mind off weed. Read all you can about it, watch videos, go on forums and get involved in the workout community instead of the weed community. It'll help alot man

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  8. thanks I'll be sure to do so. Thanks again
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