I need help setting up the grow room.

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    I need it all, detailed dummy explanation of every step pre installing the plants. If your going to post though please give explanation as to WHY...your opinion is the best...I have seen lots of videos, and read lots of posts, and have a pretty damn good knowledge already, I think... but this will be my first grow room where i want to grow more than one plant, reach maximum yield, and highest, most potent quality.
    Heres what I got:
    A bedroom (indoors)
    it isn't currently connected to the central ac system
    about 10ft wide by 12 ft wide. by 10 ft. high.
    3 to 4 grand budget...

    heres what I need:
    ventillation configuration
    carbon filter..where to get one
    air pump vaccum...where to get one
    explanation as to how it all works

    hps or hid.. or MH? what for veg...and what for flower... blue spectrum or red and yellow... whats the difference? def. need explanation as to why...i hear more controversy over the lights than anything...hopefully we can find a general consensus...and the explanations of why will show us who is right.

    i need to brainstorm, and all opinions are welcome... so imagine this... i got my room.. im thinking putting the plants into a corner...starting like maybe a 16 sq. foot space... and mylar the two corner walls. what i need brainstormed is a way to maybe put mylar on top..lor is a good hood and reflective setup with the lights good enough? but then also create like a wall..or hang a sheet of mylar for the other two walls closing the plants into a box... but obviously would need to probably cut holes in the mylar sheets for fans to fit in and probably would want to dispense the fresh air coming out my central ac system right onto the plants in that corner...and then circulate it and flush it out of that corner. and have the exhaust in the opposite side of the room so it creates that wind tunnel like affect.

    I want to grow it in soil, so a really good recipe would be nice...i hear sea salt is good, helps with pretty much everything, but not sure... I have great compost in my backyard...and i mean like great compost...i add kitchen scraps every week...almost 6 months old, the browns that has been mixed in was already composted off of my roof....looked 4 or 5 years old :).... the greens are lawn clippings from about 1/4 acre lawn every week. and then the kitchen scraps...I am going to be getting a setup to hold worms, and make worm juice...it is like really muddy looking super dooper poooper rich worm shit basically...you add the kitchen scraps on the top layer and the worms crawl up the holes into that layer eat the food, shit out nutrient rich shit that falls back down the holes and into the bottom layers...and use worms that multipy so you just get more and more and more and more and more....i'm assuming the best way to do it would be put the right type of scraps into the top so that once it is digested and shit out by the worms it has the right nutrients and ingredients it needs...


    P.S. very seriously i do not want any advise that isn't going to lead to some super duper chronic weed that patients could benefit from medically...stuff clinics would purchase...high thc content..looks good, smells good...is good.

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