I need help, random computer bullshit, dammit stupid hotmail!!! aaaaaaargggggggg!!!!

Discussion in 'General' started by sensimil, Sep 8, 2003.

  1. ok, im in hotmail. I need to undo a cut I made. (typed a 3 page email, accidently made a cut, but can still get it back with an undo but cant physically use the mouse to go under the edit menu and undo it)

    the function which you can "undo" is like an underlined captial U. what the HELL does that mean I have to do?

    does anyone understand what im talking about?
  2. That's underline, silly!

  3. ......i still dont get it....

    is it just me? am I missing something here? (no jokes about brain cells AIGHT)
  4. Use the clipboard thing.....2 down from the scissors.
  5. anywhere else you can go where you were typing and left click to give you the undo option. freakin hotmail wont let you do that...theres got to be another way right? by keyboard?
  6. ooooooooh shit.

    I see what your saying.

    well while trying to underline my U's I fucked up what I wrote and when I went to the clipboard thing 2 down from the scissors, all I got was......._U_U_U_U_U_U_U_U_U_U_U_U_U_U_U_U_U_U_U_U_U_U_U_U_U_U_U_U_U_U_U_U_U_U_U_U_U_U_U_U_U_U_U_U_U_U_U_U_U_U_U omg. omg. omg..

    *3-2-1 1-2-3 what the heck is bothering me*
  7. thanks babe. Ill know for future reference even though im never using a stupid computer ever again.
  8. .


  9. i swear to supergirl.

    ....so instead of typing the whole thing over, I just send a few lines with no details of things I need to say, and explain what had happened, and I dunno if this has ever happen to you, of course it happens to ME though, click send, and the msg dissapears, a line of html or somebullshit language from hotmail hell appears in the message box, clearing your entire message. and all the recipient gets is a blank freakin email. I swear to holy hell supergirl, Im going outside to play.
  10. I think that I know what the problem is!!!!!!!!!!

    It's what I posted the last time!!!!

  11. Does this mean we'll never see you again???

    You made me cry......................................

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