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Discussion in 'General' started by Babyj1642, Jul 3, 2017.

  1. I ordered seeds from (2fast4buds) I am from Georgia of the united states and I did not mean to but put the country as Georgia on my order along with my address and info will they be shipping to me here the state of Georgia the US or somewhere other country named Georgia???
  2. Georgia is by Russia lol. Contact them asap.
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  3. Crap! I'm about to do that now thank you I'm stressing seem to not find anywhere that could ship directly to me in the us
  4. Email them asap with the order number they gave you if they did. It's pretty late in most cities that sell seeds, so you should be safe

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  5. Am doing that now and yes they sent me a order number and even accepted my payment
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  6. Lol
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  7. You just sent your shit to the redcoats.:coolalt:
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  8. British soldiers?lol
  9. Still no reply from them yet I've sent couple emails along with the pic of my order
  10. British haven't been redcoats in centuries.

    We have new redcoats now.:coolalt:
  12. Visited, probably...Ex KGB, name will probably be Nikolai Volkoff or somethin'.

    Probably, anyway.:coolalt:
  13. Isn't that a dead wrestler...lol
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  14. I don't care who comes visit shit they better have my money...lol
  15. He isn't dead.:coolalt:

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