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  1. Can I start growing outside in Maryland? Or too late?
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    I live in NorCal and am waiting on the over night temps to stay atleast in the 50`s. I started my outdoor plants inside a little early and by time its warm enough at night hopefully next week they are gonna get big, thier already pushing 4 to 4 1/2 feet tall.
  3. Well you're decently close. So It should be okay?..
  4. i think the last frost is in may... so it should be okay about now
  5. Depends on what your overnight temps are, as for daytime temps we have had around the 70`s on up. The daytime temps here are good but our nightitme temps are still a little to cool. Established plants my handle but to me I`d rather be safe then sorry on the overnight temps, if their seedlings or clones I would wait untill its warmer then 50`s at night atleast untill thier established.
  6. Yes

    Not to late.

    Start indoors and then transfer to outdoors when they are teenagers.
  7. We had Murphys law the last two times we set a date to get the outdoor areas outback ready for planting. It was forcasted to rain and didnt want to work in the rain or have everything mixed up and ready to go in the holes only to have it sit and wait and the nightitme temps dropped down to the early to mid 40`s. And now its supposed to rain again in a few days with temps in the 40`s again.
  8. Damn man, that's rough.....hopefully it clears up man.

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