I need help QUICK. Can weed turn up in a mouth swab if they are not testing FOR weed?

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  1. Ok guys, I have to be quick as hell here. I'm worried shitless at the moment. Ok let me explain. I've got tonsillitis, which is an infection in the tonsils. two weeks ago my doc swabbed my mouth, mainly at the back of the throat because the fucking condition wasn't getting any better. Now, she ain't testing for cannabis, but I did smoke a joint like a few weeks before.

    Now bare with me here, read closely and carefully: I dont smoke very often (once a month or so) and it was about 3 weeks after I smoked that I got tested. So I know if it's unlikely cannabis will turn up. It was 2 weeks ago I got swabbed. The thing is, sinse then I've been smoking alot. I've smoked about 3 or 4 joints sinse then. So if cannabis does turn up in this test, I'll probably have to get tested for cannabis, not the infection. And if I get re-tested, dude, I'm so fucked.

    My life is going great up 'till now. Only One member of my family doesn't mind weed-smoking (but doesn't know I smoke it). But my Mum would be fucking furious. She and my gran are pretty much anti-drugs (even the weed they hate) so I'd be fucked.

    My question is (this is before the test):

    I smoke about Once every 5 weeks. Only 1 joint or so. I smoke a joint, maybe containing .4 and Three weeks later I get tested NOT FOR weed but for something totally else. Can weed still come up in the test, or would they need to test for weed in order for it to come up?

  2. I'm pretty sure that shit disappears in like 2 days. You're good
  3. Jeez dude you're too worried.

    1. No.
    2. Patient/doctor confidentiality.
    3. Who cares.

    So they find out you smoked some weed three weeks ago. Do they arrest recovering rehab patients for "having done" coke?
  4. Just re-read what you have put. Will cannabis turn up in a test when their not testing for cannabis... did you really just ask that?

  5. What I mean is, is it in anyway possible, that they could test what they found in the back of my throat, and up-pops "THC"?

    I know, im fucking retarded in this subject
  6. Your doctor is doing a throat culture. No testing for weed occurs during this process. There would be no way for a doctor to tell if you smoked weed 15 min before coming in the office (unless your clothes reeked)

    Here is a description of what happened to your swab....
  7. Swabbing only detects usage in the last 24-48 hours. You're good.
  8. Besides, you're a legal adult (presumably), no matter what ..your results are strictly your business.
  9. thanks guys, especially tharedhead
  10. Think of it this way. Every test that is performed in a hospital costs money. They then charge you for the tests that they did. You then pay for the tests because you asked for them to be done. A drug test costs money too. They aren't going to perform a test that costs money if nobody is going to pay for it. If you got a bill for something you didn't ask for you probably wouldn't pay for it.

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