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i need help please

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by mateybollox, Jan 20, 2004.

  1. Hi this is my first time growing and i need help. I have a attic room 12ft x 11ft and i have built a growing box 8ft x 8ft you can see the plan. it has a sloped roof (bugger).i am looking to get a 6oow light and hydro tray (12 plants) ebb+flo system. can any tell how many plants i can grow in the space i have and with the lights im buying? cheers

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  2. well... for a 600w light id section off a 4' x 4' section of that box and pput it in there.... make the box at the highest point in the room, for the most headspace...:)
  3. thanks, ive changed my mind a little as i have read up on some info. i decided to convert the whole room into a grow area so i can have a constant harvest. im after the best possible yeild and a quick harvest (like most people).

    Here are my plans, could anybody tell me if this will work or am i wasting my time and due to the hight of my room 6ft in the middle sloping down to just under 3ft. i think the ebb and flow system wont work due to the amount of plants i want. can anybody tell me if there is a system i can use to produce as many plants as possible

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  4. well, all i know is that in a 4x4 area using scrog you could get 1 - 2lbs.... but whatever suits ya best :)... yeah, that should work, but keep at least 35w/ sq. ft.
  5. u dont need a 600w to keep mothers and veg enough plants to feed a 600. cut the veg light back to a 400 or even a 250

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