I Need Help Please !!!

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by ToKen SouLjaH, Jul 23, 2003.

  1. Yo wassup, i'm kinda in between a rock and a hard place...
    this sh*t has been on my chest the last couple days...

    I have a male plant, right?
    well, how could i grow it to be as fire as a female?

    is there anything i could do with my plant to make it grow different color hairs??

    Anything i could do to make it grow faster? or be more potent?

    Im kinda a beginner at this sh*t, eventhough ive been smokin it for 5 years... but im catchin on quick...

    can ya help me?

  2. Males have three uses:

    i) Breeding
    ii) Hash making (not the strongest hash ever mind you)
    iii) Decorating a skip.
  3. Decorating a skip???

    So there's no hope for having some fire ass male plants?
  4. i would suggest that you skip the male then either purchase some good seeds,remember they wont all be girls unless you bye a feminized version,but by far the best idea is to obtain some cuttings then you can be sure youve got girlys.The average male to female ratio of normal seeds is about50/50 but the last seeds i bought to get a mother out of ten seeds only produced one female,lucky it was a lovely lady.
  5. yeah, i use fan leaves to frame as gifts:)

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