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  1. I made a cardboard box for a microgrow. Tired of buying weed that's always different strains. Weedmans are NEVER consistent. Tired of having to wait for they slow asses!
    "I'll be there in 5 mins, I got you..."

    20 minutes later I take a toke from the blunt, horrible weed! Lol

    Anyways, I'll be patient and grow my own medicine.

    I have a cardboard box I dont know the dimensions of.

    Intake Cpu Fan
    Outtake Cpu fan
    Both are the same fans. I think.

    Shipping Polymailer used as reflection.

    4 lights, led Phillips I cut two from a tutorial supposedly helps with light emitting. 5,000k, 800 lumens a piece.

    Soil was American Seed Starting mix to aid in sprouting.

    Three of the four bagseed seedlings seems to be not growing. The first one is taking time too. Seeds were germed in paper towel. August 4th popped of soil.

    Temps are running at 79-81° f

    I switched out 4 6500k bulbs cause they were too hot for my seedlings even when they were adjusted high.

    I have rosemary seedlings in the box also.

    I mixed the seed starting mix...


    I use a probe thermometer for temps...

    Not supposed to use but it's all I have for now.

    Still need a small 4inch fan for stem strengthening.

    Need a ph kit/meter for phing my water. Going blind as of now.

    Miracle gro for nutes. I KNOW YOU GUYS HATE MIRACLE GRO. This is my first goround. I read all of the review of mg and cannibis growing. Use 1/4 etc lol.

    How is my setup? What can I do better? Why are the seedlings growing so slow?






  2. I think i see brown burnt tips on the first. Maybe the medium is too hot, the second had ferts in it. also as You said they were getting too close, so it might be burn from that.
    You also did not mention the age of the plants. They are small but good for 3 day olds

    Check out my first grow log:

    First ever grow: How do the girls look?
  3. too young and small to have any nutes imo
  4. Growing slow probably from not enough light. How often do you water? It's also too early for nutes in soil. Just use pHd water for now

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  5. I could sit here and write an essay on what and how you can do better. You need to buy a book or google search and actually listen to what people say like not using miracle grow especially if using your own nutes as you'll never know how much to feed. Theres lots of info out there. Shit, I learned to grow from a youtube video and had very good success my first grow. Now I just keep improving on mistakes that I have made. You just need to know the basics to be successful. After all, youre growing a weed. I cant stop them from growing in my yard so you shouldnt have a problem keeping them alive in a controlled environment. Good luck and happy reading.
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