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I need help please!!! To eat or to smoke!!

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by bseball727, Aug 4, 2011.

  1. I need all of opinions please! I am currently in the midst of a big debate with myself, I smoke marijuana to relieve an incredible amount of back and stomach back in which I've been prescribed everything from vicoden to fentanyl to try to allevate the pain but marijuana has been only medicine thats helped with the pain,nausea,appetite, and still allowed me to be functional. I need help with figuring out if eating or smoking would be better for my degenerative disc disease from L4-S2, Spondolothesis L3-L5, Muscular Mylosis( degeneration), and Crohns Disease. I also want to try to start using less marijuana on a daily basis for my tolerance and my wallet. So should I fix firecrackers or other edibles with about .2-.5 grams of nice indoor per edible or smoke about that much per sitting? I would say eating because it'll last longer and help with the chronic pain on an extended basis better than taking 2-3 bong hits. But i also need an immediate form of relief because the pain starts to get so bad I get lightheaded and have passed out from pain multiple times. I'm guessing I should eat about two edibles a day and take a bong hit only when need an immediate form of relief? I would love anybodies ideas,recipes, opinions, experiences, stories, or whatever you all think. I really need help figuring this out because im dying of pain and cant live like this any longer! please help me :wave:
  2. Crohns man, that's painful. Most of the difference is all personal preference. One main difference is the potency of baking or smoking weed. While baking needs more weed it lasts longer and relatively gets you higher ( in my opinion ). Though it takes longer to kick in, around and hour and half if not more. Then comes if you rather be more discreet, in that case I'd go with edibles. Same thing if you want to be able to just pop in a brownie instead of all the effort of smoking a bowl.

    Personally, I love edibles over smoking bud.

    Any questions feel free to ask!
  3. Hey man, sorry to hear about the pain. If you want to find some sound recipes head down to the incredible, edible herb section and just check out the recipes. Try and talk to BadKitty (i think is her name) she has a bunch of recipes and seems to be quite knowledge able.

    I would personally say that is up to you. Id say experiment with different things. Make a few edibles and see what works better for you!

    Good Luck! I hope the pain leaves you soon my friend!
  4. I'm sorry to hear you're suffering. A good friend of mine has Crohns and CF, and she said smoking really helps her pain. If you want to try edibles it works too. She and I ate some brownies a while back and she loved it. Her stomach didn't act up from the edible and she felt great. If you do an edible just take 1 hit while you're waiting for it to kick in, just for the immediate relief. Good luck man!
  5. THANK YOU EVERYBODY SO MUCH!!! I TRULY APPRECIATE ALL THE SHARING GOING ON IN HERE!! I appreciate all the sympathy for my pain, you guys are great! So I did a little experiment last night, I checked out the incredible edible herb section and decided to try making a firecracker, again( made it before a plane flight-dont remember flight b/c so blazed lol) and put .4 grams of Super Silver Haze on 2 halves on graham cracker w/organic peanut butter. I cooked it and then let it sit over night for the oils to absorb the THC, i'm gonna eat it in about an hour, dont wanna waste the day. So i'll let everyone know how it goes!! thank you all sooooooo much for your help. you guys are the best! Oh thank you all for being understanding and empathetic towards my pain. I'm 25 years old and have medical problems that 50-60yr olds deal with. The muscular degeneration and bone degeneration are by far the worst pain i've ever dealt with. I was prescribed 100mcg/10mg Fentanyl Transdermal Patch, one patch every 72hr with 10mg liquid percocet for breakthrough pain, 10mg valium for muscle spams/anxiety, and 1mg klonazepam for sleep!! who gives that much meds to a kid!! i was a fuck*ng mess!! im so glad my parents suggested cannabis, im native american so my family automatically turns toward natural treatments in which cannabis was the main incredient my Shaman told me to incorporate into my pain/appetite regiment.
  6. Any time man! Good luck with everything!
  7. So i ate my .4 gram firecracker just now...a little more earthy than i remember but i am eating super silver i should be getting some pain relief by lunchtime and be set for the day on herb. You guys are truly the greatest. Thank you for all your help. If anybody I mean ANYBODY has any recipes that are designed to beat pain then please please please let me know!!
  8. Hey everybody its been an hour an a half since eating my first edible experiment of the day; I feel better than I did this morning( had a huge crohn's attack and back spasm from the throwing up*created tension in my back* that resulted in severe pain from my stomach wrapping around to my back. Muscle and bone degeneration pain sucks!!! I almost had to take meds to stop it but I decided to commit to this experiment and see the true results.
    I ate a firecracker*graham cracker,organic peanut butter w/oil,.4 grams of super silver haze,cooked it for 25 minutes at 300degrees and let it sit over night for 12hrs to soak up oil* at 10:15 a.m. and its noon now so its starting to kick in by helping with some pain but i dont think its hit all the way yet because i've used less than .4grams before and been blazed; i havent ate edibles in 2 years so hope its gonna keep working itself into my fat and work for hours. If dont work by 2 pm then im gonna make another firecracker with .8 grams, i know doubling it seems crazy but im only gonna do this if feel no further effects. LOL WAIT I LEFT THE COMPUTER FOR A MINUTE TO GO CHANGE LAUNDRY AND WOW STANDING UP DEFINTELY WORKED! LOL IM EMBARASSED IM THIS HIGH LOL!!! HAHAHA WOW.....THATS A RELIEF...NOW DONT HAVE TO TAKE AN OPIATE...SWEEEEETTT :) THANK YOU EVERYBODY!
  9. I'm so glad the edibles work for you :) I understand pain. I'm 19 and have had severe arthritis in my jaw since I was 13. I just had some major surgery to help relieve some of the pain ( I have the joint of a 70 year old). Mind you I wasn't on as many meds as you and I could at least live ok w/the pain through the day. That being said cannabis has really helped me in a big way. It just goes to show, no matter how severe the pain can be, it's worth giving the herb a shot. The worst that can happen is it doesn't do anything at all. I'm really glad GC could help you out. If you have any other questions just feel free to ask :)
  10. Keep smoking man, I got Crohn's too and I'm 100% Dependant from all my pills and only on the green herb which has prevented all the symptoms of Crohn's (Pain, BM's, etc.)

    I feel like a daily dose of at least 0.3g of some High Grade Canabis will relieve any pain you may be having due to Crohn's.

    It has always worked for me! Hope my first hand experience has helped you.
  11. I think vaporization might be the most efficient use of your money, and I've found the pain relief to be quite comparable to that of edibles. The benefit is you can get almost immediate relief and in a more controlled dose. The drawback is the price of a good quality unit.
  12. Everybody has been soooooo helpful!! thank you all so much! I'm a very experienced smoker. When I was in Vermont I had medical access to marijuana and grew my own stash, now that im not in Vermont I have to adjust my intake because of dumb laws. I personally found mixing my edible with a hit or two def. does the job. I am in extreme pain all day long to the point where cant even move. I have had to go the hospital because my legs have gone completely numb and wont even move. So i have found cannabis' effects on my conditions have actually helped. I am not as much pain as I was in when taking opiates, I really think opiates are a dumb cycle they work for a little then kick your ass when they dont because you're body gets used to them so quick! I am going purely green, fuck my own family supports it! They hate my medicines so i made a deal that if i can smoke cannabis then i'd quit pain meds! I havent taken them in weeks and have had no cravings what so ever! Please if anybody could please please PLEASE SEND ME RECIPES FOR EDIBLES THAT USE .2-1 GRAM PER EAT id really really appreciate it. Also im gonna use my vape for now on when i actually do smoke. Its a volcano

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