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  1. As it says my parents are great people, but have terrible management skills. They cant manage their money, time, or even household affairs.

    A good example is my father, he brought home about 400 dollars worth of wood saying he'll build something. That was half a year ago. Now the woods all rotten and I had to burn it all. It's not the first time too. My mother bought a thousand dollars worth of cement blocks saying she wanted to build something. And it's just sitting in the yard. That was 2 years ago.

    I cant build the stuff because I'm sick. I was born with a chronic disease. It's one of the reasons why I smoke weed. My body cant produce cortisol so I have to take it by pill or shot. Weed helps manage the cortisol in my body.

    Cortisol is important, it regulates your immune system, blood pressure, helps your kidneys and stuff. So i cant deal with situations that require high stress. Yet they complain how I'm lazy and dont do yard work. It seems they forgot how I used to pass out sometimes in gym classes from over working my body.

    So they suck at management and they're self centered. My mom also complains that she's sick because she's diabetic and obese, yet she gave herself those problems by eating. My dad also says he's sick because his liver, which is from his alcoholic nature. They gave themselves their sickness. I was born with mine. Yet they seem to forget that their son has a fucking rare disease.

    I love my parents, they gave me life. They fed me, clothed me, nursed me when I was sick. Though I'm getting fed up with their shit. I cant get a job because I always have to clean their shit. If I dont stay home the place will be messed within a week. They buy useless shit, and our house cant take anymore stuff. It's a mess they're literally hoarders. They place useless items in secure areas and lose the important shit.

    They lost the folders containing our birth certificates, social security, and land papers.

    I dont know what to do. I'm already close to breaking down. I have a feeling I might just give up and leave if they keep up their shit.

    I'm lost. I dont want to leave them to because I know if I do they'll just destroy themselves and the home I was brought up in. I cant bare to see that, but I also dont want to ruin my life.

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  2. Leave. Live your life. They're the parent, not you. Don't feel bad about removing yourself from a toxic, stagnant situation. Also don't let your condition define you or have you thinking about what you can, and can't do - Always try doing something...never give up in advance. If it stops you, it stops you, but don't YOU stop you. Good luck. Just make sure you plan correctly for what you're going to do.
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  3. You talk about a job but it doesn't sound like you've ever had one. If you haven't had any training it's going to be hard to make it in the world so if possible get some kind of training before you move out, just having a roof over your head and food in the fridge would be a tremendous help while learning how to do something. It sounds like a tough situation but since you're used to it consider staying long enough to learn how to become independent. If you can't then you can't.

    You were born with your disease and like you say, they created theirs but that doesn't mean they did it on purpose or could even stop themselves. Don't be too hard on them, they'll be easier to live with after you've been out of their house for a few years and their antics no longer disrupt your life.
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  4. I have certificates of mastery and completion in technology, more specifically photovoltaics, and computer networking. I also have training in network broadcasting and journalism. I did all that in high school. The photovoltaics and networking was 3 years of college courses which I started in my sophomore year of high school. I got the broadcasting and journalism in my senior year of high school

    I have all the credentials for a job. I mean it may not be a top level job but I can guarantee to find one.

    My only problem is I dont have a car. (sister made it run out of gas and left it on the road )

    I used to work at a radio station but my mom kept on ranting how it's annoying to drop me off everyday. Now that I dont got a job she rants at how I dont got a job.

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  5. I learned an important lesson early on, it may help you but life’s not fair.
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  6. At least your parents let you grow weed in your bedroom, that's pretty unusual.
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  7. I do an outdoor grow. I have an area I fenced off 15×20 with 5 plants inside. It's like a green house. I used a canopy frame and put fencing around it. Then I put a clear canopy tarp on the top.

    I live near the equator so we dont worry about seasons changing. It's the best place to grow. You put down seeds in February then they'll be ready by November or December.

    The long Veg makes sure each plant if properly grown can give you up to a pound or more of dry weight.

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