i need help!!! (plant advicee)

Discussion in 'General' started by chantzyy, Nov 14, 2011.

  1. so like dont get mad cuz this might be in the wrong place but i just made this acount to ask this one question so i owuld love for it to be answerd!! but so i germanated a seed like forever ago then looked in the cup and had a little guy sticking out that was like 4 days ago so im very new to the growing shitt and uhh oh yea so i named it mittens for one cuz its like a good 5 inches tall and theres the 2 clover leafs but ther stuck together at the top for some reason and then one little normail looking pot leaf is sticking out and it looks ike a mitten haha. but for one should it be like 5 inches and growing like a inch a day and should i seporate the leafs? it looks like theres sap holdng it togetyher but i no its not iuts probly just from the seed and when its growing this fast deasnt i need more light? im using two big flourencent lights the tube ones and its llike 3 feet away but its grown like a half:bongin: inch just in the past 10 hours

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