I need help picking an Ice Bong !

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  1. Hello guys whats up I've been looking at Ice Bongs with percolators and diffusers and all that lately and I need something that I won't be able to feel in my delicate throat because it gets irritated so easily and I've kinda always just smoked joints and blunts until recently when my throat got kinda fucked up so yeah what do you guys think would be the coolest and most filtered Ice Bong I could buy ?
    Any suggestions are greatly appreciated thank you ! :)
  2. Any bong with thick glass and double perc I guess. With a three or four prong ice catcher. I like diamond glass a lot but they are mainly dab rigs.

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  3. Alright thanks for the info anything in specific you would recommend ?
    I'm just not really familiar with this type of stuff and technicalities u know

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