i need help on flowering my plant please !!

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by kevinb, Aug 27, 2008.

  1. okay my plant has little white hairs, 2 coming out of lil seed looking ball things, i understand i need to do the 12/12 hour thing but how do people do it if they never have time which i dont. my plant is out doors and healthy. 2 feet tall. like 40 leafs ill post pics tomorrow but how do people do the 12/12 thing with no time.. im not up at 8am to take it off.. the sun only shines on my plant from 8-am to about 4-7 then my wall blocks it after that so my plant is in the shade.. help.. what can i do if im not up at 8.. should i still cover my plant with a bag like at 12 at night.. then take it off when i wake up at 12 or what
    im in college so its not like im a bum not waking up early.. i just need my sleep till 12
  2. what do you mean brotha? my shits about 4.5 ft. now and its been growing since early may...sun rises around 7 and my sun sets around 8-830...you dont really need a full 12 hrs...ive been doing the same thing as you and my shit is real nice and will be done in about a month...just water and let it grow..peace.:smoking:
  3. only takes a second to take them begs off, might have to do it and go back to bed.. if they in pots you can move them into dark area.. or just let nature take its course and see what happens.

    goodluck =)
  4. OK, OK... Enough about the 12/12 shit... Kevin my man, 12/12 is an indoor grow light setting that alot of indoor grows use for the onset of flowering. When you are outdoors mother nature will do all the work. If you planted at the right time your plants will do what they naturally do. Only way you'll have a shity grow is if you are trying to grow a tropical or subtropical strain of cannabis in a far northern hemisphere area. Also as long as you plants are getting at least 4 or 5 hours of direct sunlight a day you don't have nothing to worry about. Just let mother nature do her thing dude, you'll see.. You are just impatient that's all it is. You have it rolled before it is even finished!! LOL That's just a little weed humor!!
  5. Read my link on outdoor flowering.
  6. i don't think he planted at the right time though.. he never said.. thats why if he wants to harvest before winter hits he might have to force flowering, but can't say for sure cuz i don't kno all the facts with your grow..
  7. A seed looking ball thing sounds like a male plant! Do some looking around here and you'll find pics.

  8. In my link on sexing.

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