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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by the bong man, Apr 30, 2003.

  1. i really need help with:
    cloning;how do you do it? and what exactly is it?

    harvesting:how do you do it?

    pruning: how do you do it? and when can i do it?

    thanx in advance to any answers.
  2. I think the reason why this post has not been answered is because of the subject. It may be seen as being offensive. I'm just trying get someone to help you by posting something. Hope this helps.

  3. Cloning is taking a cutting off a plant and growing a new plant from it. I just tried to take my first clone the other day so i'll soon find out if it works. What i did is cut a bottom branch off at the main stem and stuck it in some moist well watered soil. If it becomes a plant, good, if not, who cares? i'll just try again the right way, with rooting hormone and ferts n crap, but i wanted to see if it would work if i just ut a piece off and stick it in the dirt. it looks like it's doing good tho, it's not dying or drying out and the levaes still look healthy on the cutting.

    Pruning, i just take off leaves that are starting to get unhealthy looking, off the bottom, middle, i just pull 'em off when they look shitty.

    Topping, where you cut the top of the plant to make more growing tips come out is diffrent. I just vegged my plant till it looked healthy and about 6" tall and i used FIM (do a search for FIM) and i got 6 new tips that are all kickin ass and takin' names

    Harvest? Haven't got that far yet, but when it's time i guess it's pretty obvious what to do, cut the buds off and leave some branch below 'em hang 'em out to dry, then when they dry put em in a paper bag and cure 'em. If you just got a plant started ya got plenty of time to figure out how to harvest it.

    Don't trip tho, someone with experience will most likely kick down some additional knowledge to help.

    Oh yeah, read sid's growguide, it's the link in his sig.

  4. hey two sticks , hope you read the overgrow faq on cloneing , in there it said you have to cut the stem at an angle , then scarrob the end , and then dip it in a rooting agent , then it gets put in the soil , least thats what i read in there , if im wrong im sure someone will correct me , but thats what i read anyway:)
  5. That sure is a lot of different steps in the grow process you have to right now.
  6. haha, "two sticks"

    yeah i read on how to do it the right way, but i want to try this as an expiriment to see if it'll survive just being lopped off a plant and stuck in the ground. It's still doig well, not drying or drooping, i think it'll root. Back in the day i had one big ass arailia plant in my yard and i wanted more of 'em all along the fence for privacy, so i cut all the branches off, walked dwn the fence, and stuck each branch in the ground, just shoved it inthe dirt and forgot all about 'em didn't water or feed or even look at em for months. wheni went around that side of the house after a while i had to use a machete to cut my way through. Plants are pretty simple and tough organisms, they're survivors.

    Somebody threw a handful of seeds in the planter in front of my apartment and now there's all kinds of baby weed plants growin on the sidewalk outside the front door. Too bad they won't last tho, cause like 1000 people a day walk by and the cops drive by like 10 time s day, once they get bigger someone will notice and yank 'em.

    I've seen friends of mine actually try to stop weed from growing in his backyard, it took over and he had a field of bud, bit he lived on the end of the block so there was no way to hide the weed, but it kept reseeding and growing for years as fast as he'd try to get rid of it.

    He did harvest a few plants and that lasted all year but the rest were just trying to get him busted
  7. heh sorry bout gettin your name wrong TooSicks heh i was mighty pie eyed when i wrote that thread :) , let me know if those u have live or die , im curious to see if they make it or not :)

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