i need help its my first time growing and dont want to mess up

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  1. hey im new to grass city and joined to get help from other stoners as myself and i have a problem of getting seeds all my dealers claim to not have seeds and thats what i need to start my dream of growing gods grass please if anyone out there can you recomened a good safe site that i can use to get high quality seeds please thank you and god bless!
  2. Thanks man I really really approaciate it god bless you bro
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    well, first off, you shouldn't be referring to us all as 'stoners'. and 2, are you even prepared to grow? how are you going to do it? worry about your setup before you worry about the seeds.
  4. wow, tad harsh but they have a point on setup though. Welcome to GC.
  5. Lol I got my set up.. A cabinet set up wit Mylar the lights my brother gave me the soil I'm actually usin this dry clay stuff and and shut up dude this site is called grass city really every1 here's a stoner if your offened then stop smokin... Lol but I still have alot to learn
  6. Yo kitty in a cup what the fuck ever I got most of the equipment N dude your on a site called grass city stfu your a mother fn stoner but I'm the just so feeln a lil sketched out about buying seeds online I just don't wanna fuck around and end up in the clink
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    I wasn't trying to be harsh. I don't prefer to be called a fucking stoner, and it's a huge priority to have a setup before you start growing. pretty big tip, wouldn't you agree?

    wow. what an assessment.

    I'm actually not a stoner, which is why I am
    offended in the first place. from your terrific use of grammar I'm seeing, you probably don't understand, though.
  8. I actually did agree with you hence the "they make a good point" comment. and as you are quick to jump on his grammar, you should understand how easy it is to misconstrue your statement as harsh, the OP clearly did. I did notice that you took offense and did not actually help with his situation through recommendation. So we are all at fault here, lets get back on topic and help this guy out, that is what this section is here for right?
  9. You could just tell one of your friends to save you a seed or get seeds from the bud u smoke
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    well I apologize, once again I didn't mean for it to be harsh. maybe he didn't even think it was mean until he read your comment implying it was a tad 'blunt', but I only speak from personal experience. it really is a shitty feeling planting a seed, thinking nothing will happen, only to a little sprout, trying to make it's way out of the soil and you realizing 'oh shit. how am I going to grow this thing?' I only wanted to make sure he was ready before I actually gave him some advice before he continued on with his plans. but back on topic. I would be interested to know if these 'seed banks' can be trusted, too. I'd way to sketched out to buy from an online bank.
  11. I have made several purchases from online banks. Attitude and AMS have delivered to me. Be smart in how you pay if paper trails are a concern for you. Also do not have it sent to your grow. Giving the address of the grow location is simply not smart. And personally I would steer clear of AMS as my second order has not arrived, and their customer service is garbage after you order, plus the number of complaints from customers is outragious. The first order came in a timely fashion but no stealth in their packageing at all, the quality of their seeds from my exp is fantastic but recieving them is their down fall. Attitude I have no complaints about at all.
  12. Thanks guys and sorry dude I got a lil mad but who cares.. But all my dealers hand me a ounce and there are nevr seeds in it and when I ask they say c'mon man I never have seeds in my weed.. But I'm thinking of goin online maybe to the ams site but still paranoid... But If you had no complaints I'll try it thanks guys
  13. Ooh and when I click the link for attitude it comes up as a grasscity site and I honestly know what Im doin I just can't find seeds any where
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    sorry about that seems that it changes every time I post it

    just google attitude seeds and it will come up

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