I NEED HELP! I'm new to growin, i know nothin.

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by cRu3uRc, Oct 11, 2002.

  1. Can you guys help me out? i have some bagseed, dank, and i wanna give growing a shot. How do i start? Where should i plant it? do i need to "miracle grow" the mutha? should i water it ever day? i know absolutely nothing about growing, and i'm too poor to keep up w/ my smoking habits!!! (i know i'm not the only one out there w/ that problem!) lol anyways, how much attention will my baby need once i get it started? when should i harvest? again....i know nothing. help me out plese!!
  2. Have you tried marcotting? Which are the plants to experiment?
  3. whats' marcotting???

  4. any ideas?

  5. Whats marcotting???
  6. hey cRu3uRc

    well i dunno about this marcotting stuff everyones talkin about here. But growing weed is easy.im doing my first grow now in south aussie so firstly if your short on cash outdoors would be best. all you need to do is get some soil i suggest potting mix with some perlite and vermiculite added for drainage and airation in the soil then put the soil in pots. soak your seeds overnight in water (filtered is best but it doesnt really matter) then plant them about an inch into the soil and cover over. they should sprout in about 2-15 days this is were the paitence is involved dont dig up the seeds to check their progress just leave them and water them with a spray bottle only a ew sprays a day. when they sprout you will see a shoot with 2 rounded leaves appear then will appear your real leaves single bladed with serrated edges then will appear a 3 bladed leaf then 5 and so on. once the seedling reaches 2-3 weeks old you need to start fertelising you want a high nitrogen fertiliser only put it on at half strength at this stage and work your way up to full strength and just follow the directions of the fert container at the moment with my plants im ferting once a week and watering the other days. by the way do not overwater for this dramaticly slows growth also this is hard but try not to over love your plants the number 1 cause of death of plants for first time growers is overcare.ok good luck with your growing any trouble give me a yell.
    later sirsesh.
  7. When do i get to smoke the shit? lol and how do i pick off the buds and dry em?
  8. When it's ready...........lol

    Just varies between strains, but outdoors the autumn/fall is the usual harvest time, then a couple of weeks to dry, cure if you want, or just smoke when dry. So about this time of year there are thousands of tokers with loads of stash...lol
  9. for now man just focus on growing the plants then when the time comes look at flowering
  10. i'll be growing outside next season :)

    i've found a friend who has seeds and my parents have given me permission to grow them in our yard :)

    i've heard that they can grow up to 2 metres high (7 foot) when they're outside, it that true?
  11. well the height all depends on the indica % and the sativa % in the strain i have kush x skunk growing at the moment and that only grows up to about a metre at full maturity but then ive had some mates with 8 foot plants it all depends on the genetics and conditions.
    chill, sirsesh

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