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I Need Help Identifying This Strain

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by wizzleman123, Aug 17, 2012.

  1. Ok, so my dealer tells me he has an eighth left of some good bud, and also says that it is an indica but he is not sure on the strain. I was hoping you guys could help me identify the strain. The bud is very dense and is covered in trichs and orange hairs. The smell is very weird but the best way i can describe it is like walking into a carpet warehouse, honestly its very weird maybe peppery but all in all a pleasant smell. The taste is also very weird, maybe like a hint pizza or a spaghetti sauce.
    Thanks for the help, heres some pics.
    1. View image: IMAG0118
    2. View image: IMAG0119
    3. View image: IMAG0120
  2. Whatever, looks good! Buy it
  3. Yeah, that is weed. Theres no way it can be identified on the internet. Just smoke it.
  4. It's almost impossible to identify a strain by just pictures. Honestly the name your dealer told you was probably bullshit too. Everybody just throws around names nowadays. If it's dank, smoke it.

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