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i need help(ideas) to finish my grow room!!

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by mr.niceguy619, Aug 19, 2006.

  1. ok my grow room is a lil bigger than in my sig. i'd say it's about 6ft high(at tallest spot) about 3ft wide, and the closet is probly 5 ft deep...but it's a closet under my staircase so the room tapers ___
    | \
    | \
    | \
    | \ (the "room is about 6ft high at tallest point--
    but about 2ft at the smallest point(back of closet))

    front of room back of room
    | breeze flow
    | <--- <--- <---
    | small fan large fan

    for cooling i have a 20 inch box fan (on lowest setting, other than that the plants really start to sway) in the back of the room to push out heat. and then i have a smaller table fan in front of room (by door) to pull heat. with cfl lights the temp is about 75*f (roughly) and 50-60% humidity. but when i tried to use my 400 hps light i burned my plants and room temp went to 98*f

    right now i just leave the door open during light stage (i have plants in there under cfl's that are flowering) which is 12/12 but when i need darkness i have to shut the door (and fans are off, so no air flow) but temp's stay in the 70-77*f range

    but i need some ideas of how to cool the room enough to run my hps/mh light(i got both bulbs...for each cycly ofcourse) the last time i had the hps in there (about 4 hours) i burnt the tip of my clone.

    i cant really cut any holes into the wall (maybe the door...but then i have the light problem) so if anyone can give me some advice or ideas please share!!

    sorry bout the crappy attempt of a diagram but i cant post pics
  2. how high was the hps light mounted from the top of the plants?
  3. 3ft above the plants, at 1st i thought that means i must have burnt them......but someone else said it wasnt the light it was the temp of the room and the low humidity (98*f and about 40-50% ish humidity)
  4. i read a while back somebody had the same problem and i think , i repeat,i think someone said to put some computer fans directly on the light so it will cool it down along with the other fans, i could be wrong and if i am atleast this will bump it so a pro could see it
  5. cool thanks for the insight....bump for others to confirm
  6. Q. where is the intake air when the door is closed, cause you going to need to replace your air at least once every 3 min. using HID lighting. for the floros you should be replacing the air every 4 hours to keep your co2 levels up. I would go ahead and put the hole in the door, Infact for best results you need both an intake and exhaust w/fan so 2 holes(what the hey your going to f**k-up the door with one hole might as well make it two) also, you can use a vent cover to keep your light integrity. Also, get a fan blowing at your light it wil do two things for you, it will reduce micro envroment and allow you to get your light closer to the plant. Cause while 98* is high, I'll bet that the actual temp at the top of the plants may well have been 110* or better.
  7. 1)when the door is closed everything gets turned off for darkness (fans/ lights on same timer)

    2)do you know where i could find fans for this?...also how would this be better than 2 fans and the door open?? (to me 2 fans in a shutdoor would have more heat then an open door and 2 fans...right?)

    3) i did have the 20 inch box fan blowing at the light but i only got the temp to lower about 8-10*f (btw my temp sendor is close to my hps light, since i figured that will be the hottest part of the room)

    thanks for the reply....keep the ideas comin:)
  8. bump for help
  9. The Only REAL way to do it. would be to have two holes in the door. One intake one exhaust. Having the door open when the lights are on will reduce a lot of the light getting to the plants. So get drillin if possible. if not... you need to re-locate your plants mate.
  10. ok i understand i need to do 2 holes in the door (for night time) but i need to lower the heat during the day (when the light would be on) see when i had the 400w hps light 3ft above my plants and the door open and a box fan blowing on the temp was still at 98*f with all this (and it burnt/fried my plant a lil and it smelt smoked)

    i need to get it cool enough to run my hps
  11. bump for help
  12. I would say cooltube is your only chance to finish this grow without headashes.
  13. is there any place that would have pics of this set-up??
  14. no thats what I use but I grow in a cabinet not A CLOSET they only way you can really vent out a closet is to do it in the attic or just say fuck it and make a hole in your wall and vent thru there also or just vent it thru the door you know hat im stoned so my best advice too you is to get a vortex fan cant help you out on where to cut cause I dont have knowledge or experience dealing with your situation hope that helps
  15. by cutting 2 holes and keeping the door closed, you will create a closed system in which cool air from the bottom/floor goes in and hot air at the top goes out. And you need to run the exhaust fan 24/7 for best results. In fact you will only need the exhaust fan as the negative pressure will draw in the cool air at the bottm. Also keep your circulating fan going 24/7. Oh, for the best results you may want to attach a flex pipe (like the kind that attaches to your dryer) to your bottm hole and run it to the back of the room.
  16. thanks alot guys...that helped me off to home depot for some ideas
  17. Vent your hps hood silly.

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