I need help guys, dont know what to do.

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  1. Alright, so a little backstory, if any of you guys remember a thread about 3 months ago I made about 2 girls breaking into my house and stealing my bong, grinder, and weed, this is a follow up. So one of the girls who broke into my house messaged me today wanting to apologize and talk. When the girls came the day after they stole it and returned it (made up a bs excuse on how they bought it from someone they saw had it) she was the only one who after the other girl left, apologized and said "I really didn't mean to... etc." Now 3 months later she says she wants to pay me back for the weed she took, smoke me on a j, and talk.

    I'm thinking about forgiving her, not like friends, but to the point where it's as if I just met her and she'd have to earn her trust back,
    What do you guys think?

  2. What purpose does holding a grudge serve? Have we all not done something to hurt others, only to learn a lesson and repent? Wouldn't we want to be given the chance to redeem ourselves?

    Do unto others, y'know. You don't have to forgive her, though I'm willing to bet it'll feel good if you do.
  3. I have to have respect for her manning up and admitting she was in the wrong. I'm gonna meet with her tonight and see what happens.
  4. Is she hot?

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  5. 8/10
    inb4 tits for forgivness

    Fuck that shit, this trauma deserves ass...And in good servings too, bitch better play some catch up, shit. :cool:
  7. Just met with her, she stole 30 dollars worth of weed, she just gave me 300 dollars.....

    #forgiven+free zip and a half
  8. This calls for the D.
  9. I think you should revisit B.I.G's Third Commandment if you haven't already.
  10. Number 3, never trust nobody
    doesn't that mean trust everybody?
  12. Well the opposite of nobody would be somebody, not everybody. Fun to think about though. 
    Though. the opposite of everybody is nobody, right?
    Like I said, fun to think about.  :smoke:
  15. Let her smoke you up. Then that's that.
  16. Forgive but don't forget. Give her a chance.  She made an effort.  Unless it's an excuse to gain access to your house again. Just keep one eye open at all times.  Sometimes people surprise you by doing the right thing.  
  17. Maybe you can have sex with her if your into that one nights stand/fuck buddy stuff.
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    I even told her, she probably wont be coming over again, and she was understanding
  19. She seems to legitimately feel remorse or so i hope, i told her straight up, its gonna take a while to gain trust, if i do even trust you again. She was completely understanding and didn't even expect me to come meet her.
  20. damn 300 dollars nice bro you should take her out man if you feel that way about her everybody deserves a second chance

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