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I need help from experienced tokers!

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Smokinbobmarley, Aug 4, 2011.

  1. Help smoking buddies :
    My parents are highly close minded about weed. They just don’t understand that it has no harmful effects and is just a part of my regular daily routine. I cut back a lot and was three weeks clean until my birthday. I want to smoke but I know I’m going to get tested sooner or later. My question is, if I dip the test cup in the toilet to use some water as a dilutant then pee only the midstream for some color, will it come up negative? Please, no smart remarks. I just need positive feedback and tips. I’m tired of not smoking and awaiting a test that can be weeks from now. Help. Also, I can't use some one else's urine because my mom will stand by the door. She doesn't necessarily watch, but she'll catch sketch maneuvers. I'm a girl, so using toilet water would be fairly simple. I've passed a test before 3 hours after blowing with the help of; niacin, diluting with water, pissing hella, cranberry juice, and dipping the cup in the toilet. However, I'm looking to see if the toilet water would help me benefit in last minute scenarios! Help!

  2. For one, you shouldn't be ignorant in thinking it is completely unharmful. It isn't. It can bring up mental health issues iif they are underlying and inhaling any smoke is harmful to your lungs. I smoke regularly, but I don't blind myself telling myself it is harmless.

    Now. Sounds like your under 18 but whatever. What would happen if you refused to do the test? I believe you do have the right to not do it if you don't want to, whatever the age. And you definitely have the right of shutting the door for it. Tell her these are your human rights, and you won't settle for less, whatever your age may be.

    Tell her you will smoke either way as it is your body and you feel mature enough to cope with it. Don't bother showing her the union. It has very limited scientific facts and it just looks like a bunch of stoners justifying themselves. I recomend a documentary called 'What if cannabis cured cancer'. It goes through all the ins and outs of why it is illegal and provides scientific evidence from SCIENTISTS, demonstrating how dangerous it actually is (not very)

    If you are doing well at school, point this out.

    Just get someone else's pee to use. Refuse to do it without the door closed. That is a pretty okay thing to request imo.

    Good luck!:hello:
  3. Lol no I'm actually 19. Yeah it's sad. But they pay the bills so I guess they have the right. But alright, minimum harmful effects. Come on now, I don't need a lecture about the effects of marijuana. I'm just pointing out that it's not as harmful versus alcohol and cigarettes for instance, you know. But yeah, I'll demand the door closed from now on. I was just wondering what your view on the toilet water is. It is considered a method of diluting, correct?
  4. Man my parents are exactely the same, no matter how much I try to educate them on the subject all they see is a hopeless drug addict (yet i dont even drink)

    I've come to the conclusion that you cant change how they think so just try your best to keep your use a secret, as for the drug test maybe you could get some clean urine off someone you know? idk lol
  5. I feel you completely. It doesn't help when my moms a nurse either :x. She's trained to despise it lol. See I would go for the urine technique but it's kinda sketchier. I've managed to pass a test prior by niacin, diluting, and dipping the cup in the toilet before peeing the mainstream. Any idea if toilet water alone would work as a dilutent?
  6. Obviously it would work to dilute it. It's water. Just fail and tell her to get over it as you're an adult. What are they gonna do? Ground you? You're 19 for god's sake...
  7. #7 aYouLetsGetHigh, Aug 4, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Mar 15, 2016
    She can't ground her but she can kick her out.
    But yes the water will work but don't let the color be to light or she's gonna know wassup

  8. Im sorry but that is simply not true. Its a theory not a fact.
  9. Yeah I wouldn't get grounded lmao. But their my main support system you feel me? I'll def give the water a shot. Thanks everybody :). But agreed. The only real damage herb can do to you is if your a blunt smoker like me and smoke a lot of paper.
  10. thats probably because the governement have exaggerated abit with the harms, and the fact that it's illegal is enough to convice someone that knows nothing about it that it's more dangerous than what it actually is.

    im just glad i have discovered it and can access/use the qualities it brings, and im glad the ignorant people can't :)
  11. Shit in the cup.

    A better idea though is to just not smoke weed since you said you already have stopped for the test no point in fucking over yourself.

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