i need help first timer

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by barbarity, May 13, 2006.

  1. yesterday i got some weed took the seeds and stems out and smoked it. today there are about 5 seeds i got from it 2 of them looked good i planted them in a cup with some soil and dampened it. ill prolly grow them outside

    before i soaked them in water for a couple hours and i scrapped a layer off and planted them about an inch deep pointy end up.

    Did i mess up already:confused: any tips for this newbie??? :smoke:
  2. When you have seeds germinate them first.Stick them in a damp papertowel then youll see a white thing come out.then plant it in soil.
  3. Pointy end up is OK. They may well germinate, keep them warm and moist.
  4. there are many websites where you can find all this information. just search for cannibis cultivation
  5. thanks guys :wave: .. hopefully they germinate
    haha im so impatiant
  6. Be sure you didn't plant them too deep in the soil. 1/2 inch is about as deep as I ever plant mine.

    Incidentally, the Marijuana Grower's Guide by Mel Frank and Ed Rosenthal is available on the net for free downloading (I forgot where). For the price of a quick search, it's a pretty good guide, a good grower's guide.
  7. grow more then 2, right now your thinking growing is eazy, and it is for the experienced grower, but one thing is that nature can take a course you can't control like pest infesting your grow and possibility of males. id say grow 10 and you might get 2 ounces if you keep after them for your first grow.

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