I need help finding a game i should play

Discussion in 'Gamer's Heartbeat' started by GolgiApparatus, Aug 18, 2008.

  1. Ok i want to get a game for PC.

    A shooting game to be precise

    I want it to have good graphics, but not like stupidly good that my comp cant run it (i can run most games great on my comp)

    I want it to be preferably less than 60 bucks

    I want it to be able to catch my time. Like, i want good replay value or good multiplayer or something to keep me playing after i beat the story mode. I want to be able to play it for a while and master it.

    I really liked the game Quake 4 and i love the half-life series.

    Also i dont want that old of a game i want it relatively new you know?
    And i dont really like the "rainbow 6" type of games. I mean i like army games but not like the stealth counter-strike type of playing you know?

    help me out!
  2. Counterstrike source is good... you can get the whole CS anthology(CS1.6 CSS CSz) for around $20 now i think

    download Wolfenstein Enemy Territory, used to play it all the time. Its graphics arent great but hey its free.
  3. COD4 homie!
  4. ya dude COD4 is a good game for u id say..
  5. I would definitely suggest Team Fortress 2. Regardless of the fact that it doesn't have any type of single-player story mode, it does have a god-like multiplayer. I think it's around $40 and worth every penny. There are achievements that unlock upgrades to give it that extra kick of playability. Not to mention it's very easy to spend 3 or 4 hours on it a day. Good luck with your search.

    P.s. Bioshock has an excellent story line if you can run it.
  6. Im def looking at team fortress... its that good/fun?

    I loved unreal tournament that was really fun for me
  7. Play wow and loose our soul to it. Also very fun high.

    -AK Ninja
  8. I had the same craving for a shooter as you did, so I picked up Painkiller: Triple Dose for $20 at GameStop. It's three games in one and I thought it was a pretty good deal.

    Damn, if you are a fan of the classic DOOM... well, Painkiller is like a fucking amazing, modern version of DOOM.

    The feeling after blowing a monster the fuck away is fantastic. It's gory, satisfying, and the weapons are nasty.

    Try to find it somewhere.
  9. Get Far Cry.
  10. Download steam from www.steampowered.com if you dont already have it , and try one or more of the 40+ demo's they have.
  11. been stuck on call of duty 4 for a while...pretty good game.. I havent played counterstrike source though
  12. Seems like the original post was a while ago, but if you're still looking for a game; Call of Duty: World at War seems to be your best bet.

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