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I need help: faucet pipe causing problem

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by tgrape18, May 18, 2010.

  1. So I tried out using a bathroom faucet screen (freshly bought) for my metal pipe. However, while smoking I noticed my tongue burned a bit, and the metal felt hot. I don't feel safe using it. I ran a lighter on it and it went burn hot. So what do I do? I read on here that using faucet screens was fine.
  2. metal gets hot its kinda a known thing lol in all seriousness

    use a big hunk of weed to block the whole or even a coiled paper clip use that stoner mind power!
  3. If the metal screen is making it harsh try getting a glass screen from your local headshop.
  4. hey now, just bc you 'read on here' that 'its fine' doesnt necessarily make it fuckin so.

    personally i wouldnt smoke out of screens that arent sold for smokin. who knows what kind of coating that metal could have.
  5. I can't get into headship, I'm only 18. Does anybody have any good, safe homescreen methods? I don't want tin foil, and faucet screens burn.
  6. Use a nug plug cover the hole with a peice of weed bigger than it and presto you've got a nug plug.

  7. Back in my day that's all there was. I survived it just fine. If you really looked into it I'd be willing to bet a J they all come from the same place no matter what they're labeled for. What would be the point of coating a faucet screen with anything?
  8. i dunnno, im not in the faucet business. :confused_2:

    yet :devious:

  9. But man, it sizzled as I toked. That didn't sound normal at all.
  10. to keep it from rusting... gotta love that zinc plating, nothing like smoking poisonous vapor. I could agree that the screens may be coming from the same place, but smoking screens and faucet screens are two different things requiring different elements of manufacture.

    While it would make sense to coat a faucet screen in zinc (or some other non-rusting metal), it would not make sense to do so with a pipe screen as they are supposed to be used a few times and thrown out.

    and that would explain the point of coating a faucet screen with something, so you are drinking broken off pieces of rust.
  11. advice to op: don't hold the flame on your bud for very long, just long enough to start air flow and get the cherry glowing. honestly, you get more out of a bowl when you just touch the flame to the bud and immediately take it off while inhaling. you get a cleaner smoke, you aren't burning as much weed, and the bowl doesn't get so hot so fast.

    btw magnesium makes a bunch of sparks when it burns (that's why we have fireworks), but I don't think a regular cig lighter could get hot enough to burn magnesium

  12. I held the lighter to it directly and it turned red hot. It seemed pretty burnable to me.
  13. I need help: faucet pipe causing problem

    Dammit, I thought this was going to be a plumbing problem and got all geared up to be a hero and save the day :(
  14. Everywhere I know allows you into headshops at 18...

  15. lol look at this little power hungry man, looking far and wide over the threads in grass city for anyone under 18, good job sir, you have done the community good.
  16. i can tell you're under 18 >.>

  17. If your tongue is coming in contact with the screen while you are smoking, you are doing something very, very wrong.

  18. Not here, I live in Ontario, Canada.

  19. I turned 18 May 1st of this year.

  20. No shit, that's why this is bad. The smoke itself BURNED my tongue.

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